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LY3009120 analytical pure 0.994

LY3009120 is a small molecule that has been shown to be a pan-RAF inhibitor of all isoforms, inhibiting BRAFV600E, BRAFWT and CRAFWT with IC50 values of 5.8, 9.1 and 15 nM and blocking proliferation in both BRAF and RAS mutant cells.

Lapatinib analytical pure 0.996

Lapatinib is a potent EGFR and ErbB2 inhibitor with IC50 of 10.8 and 9.2 nM, respectively.

Linifanib analytical pure 0.998

Linifanib is a potent ATP-competitive VEGFR/PDGFR inhibitor for KDR, CSF-1R, Flt-1/3 and PDGFRβ with IC50 of 4 nM, 3 nM, 3 nM/4 nM and 66 nM respectively.

NVP-TAE 226 analytical pure 98%

NVP-TAE 226 is a potent FAK inhibitor with IC50 of 5.5 nM, modestly potent to Pyk2 (IC50=3.5 nM) and 10- to 100-fold less potent against InsR, IGF-1R, ALK, and c-Met.

Neratinib analytical pure 0.999

Neratinib is an orally available, irreversible tyrosine kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 59 nM and 92 nM for HER2 and EGFR, respectively.

Nilotinib analytical pure 0.999

Nilotinib is a Bcr-Abl inhibitor with IC50 less than 30 nM in Murine myeloid progenitor cells.

Obatoclax analytical pure 0.996

Obatoclax, a Bcl-2 homology domain-3 mimetic, antagonize all antiapoptotic Bcl-2 family proteins (average IC50, 3 μMol/L), including Mcl-1 (IC50, 2.9 μMol/L) and Bfl-1 (IC50, 5 μMol/L).

Oleic Acid Industrial Grade 75%

Oleic acids are used to produce soaps, detergents, maintenance products, textiles, printing inks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. and they are intermediates for the synthesis of esters, salts, alkoxylates, epoxy-stearates, dimer acids.

PCI-34051 analytical pure 0.984

PCI-34051 is a potent and specific HDAC8 inhibitor with IC50 of 10 nM in a cell-free assay. It has greater than 200-fold selectivity over HDAC1 and 6, more than 1000-fold selectivity over HDAC2, 3, and 10.

PF-562271 analytical pure 0.989

PF-562271 is a potent, ATP-competitive, reversible inhibitor of FAK with IC50 of 1.5 nM, ~10-fold less potent for Pyk2 than FAK and > 100-fold selectivity against other protein kinases, except for some CDKs.

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