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3-Methylpiperidine is used as raw material for hardener of epoxy resins, corrosion inhibitors, insecticides, accelerators for rubber, urethane catalysts, antioxidants and as a catalyst for silicone esters. It is also used in manufacturing pharmaceuticals.

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3-Methylpyridine is one of the three isomers of methylpyridine. It is a precursor to pyridine derivatives that have applications in the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. It is the main precursor to niacin, one of the B vitamins.

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3-Nitro-7-Azaindole is a important organic intermediate. It can be used in agrochemical, pharmaceutical and dyes industry.

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3-picoline-N-oxide is made from Beta-Picoline, one of our main products.3-picoline-N-oxide primary use is in a commerical blockbuster antihistamine and also used in the development of other pharmaceuticals.

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3-Pyrrolidin-2-Yl-Pyridine is a colourless oil which is used as a intermediate in preparation of pharmaceutical compounds.

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3-Thiophene Carboxylic Acid

3-Thiophenezoic acid is used as pharmaceutical intermediate.

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4 Chloro 2-Amino Phenol

4 Chloro 2-Amino Phenol is Used as an Intermediate to manufacture Dyes & Pharmaceutical

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4 androstenedione (4ad) Purified 90%



packing: 25kg/drum

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4,4-(2-Pyridinylmethylene)Bisphenol Diacetate

4,4-(2-Pyridinylmethylene)Bisphenol Diacetate is a stimulant laxative drug. It is typically prescribed for relief of constipation and for the management of neurogenic bowel dysfunction as well as part of bowel preparation before medical examinations, such as for a colonoscopy. It works by stimulating enteric nerves to cause colonic mass movements. It is also a contact laxative; it increases fluid and NaCl secretion.

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