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Sofosbuvir intermediate CAS NO: 874638-80-9 Purified 99%

Sofosbuvir intermediate

(2R)-2-Deoxy-2-fluoro-2-methyl-D-erythropentonic acid gamma-lactone 3,5-dibenzoate

CAS NO: 874638-80-9



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Sofosbuvir intermediate CAS NO: 1334513-02-8 Purified 99%

Sofosbuvir intermediate

N-[(S)-(2,3,4,5,6-Pentafluorophenoxy)phenoxyphosphinyl]-L-alanine 1-methylethyl ester

CAS NO: 1334513-02-8



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Solesta is an effective product for the treatment of fecal incontinence, which means loss of the ability to control gases and feces.

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Solifenacin Succinate

Solifenacin (rINN), marketed as solifenacin succinate under the trade name Vesicare, is a urinary antispasmodic of the anticholinergic class. It is used in the treatment of overactive bladder with urge incontinence.Solifenacin is a competitive muscarinic acetylcholine receptor antagonist.Overdosage with solifenacin can potentially result in severe anticholinergic effects and should be treated accordingly. The highest solifenacin dose given to human volunteers was a single 100 mg dose. Intolerable anticholinergic side effects (fixed and dilated pupils, blurred vision, failure of heel-to-toe exam, tremors and dry skin) occurred on day 3 in normal volunteers taking 50 mg daily (5 times the maximum recommended therapeutic dose)

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Solubilizing Agent

Solubilizing Agent are integrated into the matrices of poorly soluble drug products. Solubilizers enhance the bioavailability of pharmaceutical compounds within the body by promoting more effective drug release. The solubility of a tablet is affected by the type of solubilizing agent used, the type of solvent in which a tablet is immersed, their respective molecular polarities, as well as the chemical nature of the drug and other compounds within the tablet matrix.

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Sorafenib Tosylate

Sorafenib Tosylate has the chemical name of 4-(4-{3-[4-Chloro-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]ureido}phenoxy)N2methylpyridine- 2-carboxamide 4- methyl benzenesulfonate. This drug is yellowish or brownish solid and it is taken orally. Sorafenib Tosylate mechanism of action is by inhibiting Raf-1 kinase activity. This sorafenib tosylate is marketed as Nexavar.

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Sorbitan Monooleate

Sorbitan Monooleate is a monoester of oleic acid and hexitol anhydrides derived from an amber-coloured oily viscous liquid. It is used as an emulsifier in cosmetic and pharmaceutical ointments and creams. It is also used as a stabilizer in food products.It is also used as a co-emulsifier for lotions and other emulsions. Sorbitan Oleate is particularly suited to formulations that contain vegetable oils.

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Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol that the human body metabolizes slowly. It can be obtained by reduction of glucose, changing the aldehyde group to a hydroxyl group. It is found in apples, pears, peaches, and prunes. It is synthesized by sorbitol-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, and converted to fructose by succinate dehydrogenase and sorbitol dehydrogenase. It is often used in diet foods, mints, cough syrups, and sugar-free chewing gum. It can be used as a non-stimulant laxative via an oral suspension or enema, and like other sugar alcohols with the exception of erythritol, may cause inadvertent GI distress when consuming food products with sorbitol in excess. It works by drawing water into the large intestine, thereby stimulating bowel movements. Sorbitol, combined with kayexalate, helps the body rid itself of excess potassium ions in a hyperkalaemic state. The kayexalate exchanges sodium ions for potassium ions in the bowel, while sorbitol helps to eliminate it. Sorbitol often is used in modern cosmetics as a humectant and thickener. It is used in mouthwash and toothpaste.

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Speziol Eol Pharma

Speziol eol pharma is a clear to slightly yellowish, odourless liquid. The product is used as a solubilizer for the production of pharmaceutical preparations such as solubilisates.

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Sphingosine 1-Phosphate

Sphingosine 1-Phosphate is a signaling sphingolipid, also known as lysosphingolipid.It is also referred to as a bioactive lipid mediator.Sphingosine 1-Phosphate can be dephosphorylated to sphingosine by sphingosine phosphatases and can be irreversibly degraded by an enzyme, sphingosine phosphate lyase.It is a blood borne lipid mediator, in particular in association with lipoproteins such as high density lipoprotein (HDL).Sphingosine 1-Phosphate is less abundant in tissue fluids. This is referred to as the S1P gradient, which seems to have biological significance in immune cell trafficking.

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