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Pyridinium Tribromide

Pyridinium tribromide is used as a brominating agent for organic synthesis especially for pharmaceuticals and hormones. It can be replaced for n-Bromosuccinimide.

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Rivastigmine Tartrate

It is commonly referred to in the pharmacological literature as SDZ ENA 713 or ENA 713. Rivastigmine Tartrate is a reversible cholinesterase inhibitor. Rivastigmine Tartrate is a cholinergic agent used for the treatment of mild to moderate dementia of the Alzheimer’s type and dementia associated with Parkinson's disease. It works by inhibiting cholinesterase enzymes and increases the level and duration of action of the acetylcholine neurotransmitters which helps to improve symptoms of dementia.

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Silver(III) Triiodide

Silver(III) Triiodide is a pale yellow odourless powder. It is used in medical for taking X-rays and radiography.

Sodium Metabisulphite

Sodium metabisulfite is an inorganic compound. It is used as a preservative and antioxidant in food. It may cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to sulfites, including respiratory reactions in asthmatics, anaphylaxis and other allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. It is commonly used in homebrewing and winemaking to sanitize equipment. It is used as a cleaning agent for potable water reverse osmosis membranes in desalination systems. It is also used to remove chloramine from drinking water after treatment. It is used in photography. It is also used as an excipient in some tablets, such as paracetamol.

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Solifenacin Succinate

Solifenacin (rINN), marketed as solifenacin succinate under the trade name Vesicare, is a urinary antispasmodic of the anticholinergic class. It is used in the treatment of overactive bladder with urge incontinence.Solifenacin is a competitive muscarinic acetylcholine receptor antagonist.Overdosage with solifenacin can potentially result in severe anticholinergic effects and should be treated accordingly. The highest solifenacin dose given to human volunteers was a single 100 mg dose. Intolerable anticholinergic side effects (fixed and dilated pupils, blurred vision, failure of heel-to-toe exam, tremors and dry skin) occurred on day 3 in normal volunteers taking 50 mg daily (5 times the maximum recommended therapeutic dose)

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Trichloroacetonitrile is used as an intermediate for manufacturing synthetic organic, pharmaceuticals and insecticides.

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Trimellitic Anhydride

Trimellitic Anhydride is used in the production of resins for electrode-position and powder coatings, and as a binder for glass fibres, and other aggregates. It is used as an embossing agent for vinyl flooring and as a curing agent for epoxy resins. It is also used as an intermediate for the synthesis of surface coatings chemicals, adhesives, polymers, dyes printing inks, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.

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avanafil Purified 99%

CAS: 330784-47-9 
MF: C23H26ClN7O3 
MW: 483.95 
Melting point  150-152°C 
density  1.372 
storage temp.  Refrigerator 
Chemical Properties White Solid 
Usage Avanafil is a highly selective PDE5 inhibitor with IC50 of 1 nM. A phosphodiesterase

chondroitin 4-sulfate

Chondroitin-4-Sulphate is a natural constituent of connective tissue. This specially prepared fraction of acid mucopolysaccharides has been assayed for biological potency under laboratory controlled conditions.It is also used as intermediate in cosmetics.

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