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Mepivacaine Hydrochloride

Mepivacaine hydrochloride is related chemically and pharmacologically to the amide-type local anesthetics. It contains an amide linkage between the aromatic nucleus and the amino group.

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Methylamine Hydrochloride

Methylamine hydrochloride is a White crystalline,free-flowing powder soluble in water widely used in Pharmaceutical applications, Soldering-flux and organic synthesis also has wide application in Chemical synthesis, buffering agent. The dea lists methylamine as a precursor for many illicit drugs.

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Nicardipine hydrochloride

Nicardipine hydrochloride is a medication used to treat high blood pressure and angina. It belongs to the class of calcium channel blockers. Nicardipine inhibits the transmembrane influx of calcium ions into cardiac muscle and smooth muscle without changing serum calcium concentrations.

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Para Nitro Benzyl Bromide

Para Nitro Benzyl Bromide used as organic synthesis intermediate role in the pharmaceutical industry for the synthesis of sarcoma - formyl dissolved drugs.

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Para Nitro Chloro Benzene

Para Nitro Chloro Benzene is the organic pale yellow solid compound. It is a common intermediate in the production dyes, pigments, Paracetamol / Phenacetin pharma, pesticides and rubber chemicals. Para Nitro Chloro Benzene is prepared industrially by nitration of chlorobenzene.

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Peficitinib LAB GRADE 97%

Peficitinib, also known as ASP015K and JNJ-54781532, is a novel potent JAK inhibitor, which demonstrated potent efficacy in adjuvant-induced arthritis model in rats. ASP015K inhibited JAK1, JAK2, JAK3 and TYK2 enzyme activities with IC50 values of 3.9, 5.0, 0.71 and 4.8 nM, respectively. ASP015K inhibited the IL-2-induced proliferation of human T cells with an IC50value of 18 nM. Moreover, ASP015K was 14-fold more potent against JAK1/3 than JAK2/2 on the basis of EPO-induced proliferation of human leukemia cells. ASP015K has the potential to demonstrate JAK1/3-mediated immunomodulatory effects without the occurrence of JAK2-mediated hematopoietic effects. ASP015K may have potential use in prevention of rejection in solid organ transplantation; treatment of psoriasis; treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Propiverine hydrochloride

Propiverine hydrochloride is a medicine which is used in a number of conditions ,an example is post-operative urinary retention.Propiverine hydrochloride is used to treat people who have urinary problems caused by an overactive bladder or by spinal cord injuries. It works by preventing spasms of the bladdermuscle. This can help to reduce the episodes of urinary incontinence or reduce the feeling of urgency that bladder spasms can cause.

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Propranolol Hydrochloride

Propranolol is belongs to a group of medications known as beta-blockers and is used in the treatment of high blood pressure and other conditions. In patient with high blood pressure, the blood places an abnormally high amount of force on blood vessel walls as it pumps throughout the body. This places extra strain on the heart and forces it to work harder.Symptoms of overdose include bradycardia, cardiac failure, hypotension, and brochospasm. LD50=565 mg/kg (orally in mice).

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Quizartinib LAB GRADE 97%

Quizartinib is an orally available small molecule with potential antineoplastic activity. Class III receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor AC220 selectively inhibits class III receptor tyrosine kinases, including FMS-related tyrosine kinase 3 (FLT3/STK1), colony-stimulating factor 1 receptor (CSF1R/FMS), stem cell factor receptor (SCFR/KIT), and platelet derived growth factor receptors (PDGFRs), resulting in inhibition of ligand-independent leukemic cell proliferation and apoptosis. Mutations in FLT3, resulting in constitutive activation, are the most frequent genetic alterations in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and occur in approximately one-third of AML cases.

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