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4-Methyloxybenzyl chloride

4-Methoxybenzoyl chloride is used as an intermediate for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and other organic compounds.

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4-Nitrophenol is a phenolic compound that has a nitro group at the opposite position of hydroxy group on the benzene ring. It is an intermediate in the synthesis of paracetamol. 4-Nitrophenol is used as the precursor for the preparation of phenetidine and acetophenetidine, indicators, and raw materials for fungicides. Bioaccumulation of this compound rarely occurs. In peptide synthesis, carboxylate ester derivatives of 4-nitrophenol may serve as activated components for construction of amide moieties.

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4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylic Acid

4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylic Acid is used in the preparation of indomethacin analogues used in the treatment of prostate cancer.

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4-Phenylazepane is a chemical compound. It is the base structure in a series of opioid analgesics.

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4-Phenylbutylamine is used as a drug partition into lipid bilayers in a cubic liquid-crystalline phase.

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4-Phenylbutyric Acid

4-Phenylbutyric Acid is known to be a transcriptional regulator, and sodium-4-PBA has been shown to induce fetal hemoglobin. It has been used in clinical trials for sickle cell anemia and b-thalassemia. It is a drug that was developed to treat elevated blood ammonia in urea cycle disorders.

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4-Thiazolidinone, 5-[[3-chloro-4-[(2R)-2,3-dihydroxypropoxy]phenyl]methylene]-3-(2-methylphenyl)-2-(propylimino)-, (2Z,5Z)- LAB GRADE 97%

4-Thiazolidinone, 5-[[3-chloro-4-[(2R)-2,3-dihydroxypropoxy]phenyl]methylene]-3-(2-methylphenyl)-2-(propylimino)-, (2Z,5Z)-, also called Ponesimod, ACT-128800, is a potent, and orally active selective S1P(1) agonist with potential immunomodulating activity.
In vivio: upon oral administration, ponesimod selectively binds to S1PR1 on lymphocytes and causes transient receptor activation followed by S1PR1 internalization and degradation.

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4-Thiocyano-2-Nitroaniline is used for pharmaceutical products.

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4-(Trifluoromethoxy)aniline is used to synthesize medicine which containing Fluorine,and also synthesize pesticide intermediates.

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