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WCI-SMS is used as emulsier for pharmaceuticals ,cosmetic, synthetic resin internal lubricants and also used as dispersants for pigments.

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WCI-STS is used as emulsifier for cosmetics, lubricants and as dispersant for pigments.

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Xylitol is a sugar alcohol sweetener used as a naturally occurring sugar substitute. It is found in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables, including various berries, corn husks, oats, and mushrooms. It can be extracted from corn fiber, birch, raspberries, plums, and corn. Xylitol is roughly as sweet as sucrose with only two-thirds the food energy. As with other sugar alcohols, with the exception of erythritol, consumption in excess of one's laxation threshold can result in temporary gastrointestinal side effects, such as bloating and diarrhea. Adaptation, an increase of the laxation threshold, occurs with regular intake. Xylitol has a lower laxation threshold than some sugar alcohols, but is more easily tolerated than others such as mannitol and sorbitol. Xylitol is used around the world, mainly as a sweetener in chewing gums and pastilles. Other applications include oral hygiene products, such as toothpaste, fluoride tablets and mouthwashes. The pharmaceutical industry uses xylitol as a sweetener in its products.

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Abacavir is a nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI) used to treat HIV and AIDS. It has been well tolerated: the main side effect is hypersensitivity, which can be severe, and in rare cases, fatal.

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Synthetic decapeptide antagonist to gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH). It is marketed by Praecis Pharmaceuticals as Plenaxis. Praecis announced in June 2006 that it was voluntarily withdrawing the drug from the market.The maximum tolerated dose of abarelix has not been determined. The maximum dose used in clinical studies was 150 mg. Abarelix binds to the gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor and acts as a potent inhibitor of gonadotropin secretion.There have been no reports of accidental overdose with abarelix.

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Ablukast is a leukotriene antagonist which has applications in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions.


Acarbose is an anti-diabetic drug used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus and, in some countries, prediabetes. It is a starch blocker, and inhibits alpha glucosidase, an intestinal enzyme that releases glucose from larger carbohydrates. It is composed of an acarviosin moiety with a maltose at the reducing terminus.Acarbose inhibits enzymes needed to digest carbohydrates, specifically, alpha-glucosidase enzymes in the brush border of the small intestines and pancreatic alpha-amylase.

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Acrolein is the simplest unsaturated aldehyde.It has a piercing, disagreeable, acrid smell.It is used in the preparation of polyester resin, polyurethane, propylene glycol, acrylic acid, acrylonitrile, and glycerol.It is an intermediate in the Skraup synthesis of quinolines.It is used as a fixative in preparation of biological specimens for electron microscopy and intermediate in the synthesis of acrylic acid.

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Acronine is an anti-tumor chemical that has yielded synthetic anti-tumor derivatives.

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Adefovir is used as antiviral drug.

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