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Cyclopropylacetylene is a hydrocarbon with the chemical formula C5H6.The substance is a clear, flammable liquid under normal conditions.It is used as an important reagent to synthesize pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds; for example it is a building block of an antiretroviral.

Demecarium Bromide

Demecarium Bromide is a carbamate parasympathomimetic drug that acts as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, and is used as a glaucoma medication. It is applied directly to the eye in order to reduce elevated intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma.

N-Acetyl Glucosamine

N-Acetylglucosamine is a monosaccharide derivative of glucose. It is an amide between glucosamine and acetic acid. It has been proposed as a treatment for autoimmune diseases. It is part of a biopolymer in the bacterial cell wall, built from alternating units of GlcNAc and N-acetylmuramic acid (MurNAc), cross-linked with oligopeptides at the lactic acid residue of MurNAc. This layered structure is called peptidoglycan. GlcNAc is the monomeric unit of the polymer chitin, which forms the outer coverings of insects and crustaceans.

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Amlodipine Besylate

Amlodipine Besylate is the besylate salt of amlodipine, a long-acting calcium channel blocker.

Capreomycin Sulfate

Capreomycin Sulfate is the disulfate salt of capreomycin, a polypeptide mixture produced by the growth of Streptomyces capreolus. Capreomycin Sulfate is a peptide antibiotic, commonly grouped with the aminoglycosides, which is given in combination with other antibiotics for MDR-tuberculosis.

Dimethyl Polysiloxane

Dimethyl Polysiloxane is used as an Antiflatulent additive in Antacid and Digestive formulations. Dimethyl Polysiloxane is also widely used in Cosmetic formulation.

Pazufloxacin mesilate

Pazufloxacin mesilate a new quinolone derivative, showed broad and potent antibacterial activity.


Succinylsulfathiazole is a sulfonamide, it is an ultra long acting drug.

Bethanechol Chloride

Bethanechol Chloride is a synthetic quaternary ammonium base derivative.It has a role as a muscarinic agonist. It is a carbamate ester, a quaternary ammonium salt and a chloride salt. It contains a bethanechol.

Phosphoryl Trichloride

Phosphoryl Trichloride is commonly called phosphorus oxychloride and it is manufactured industrially on a large scale from phosphorus trichloride and oxygen or phosphorus pentoxide.The offered product is used as a chemical intermediate to produce a variety of products which are used in several applications Agrochemicals, Pharma Intermediates, Dye Stuff,Flame retardant.


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