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catechin Purified 99%

CAS: 154-23-4 
MF: C15H14O6 
MW: 290.27 
EINECS: 205-825-1 
Usage (+)-Catechin is a flavonoid found primarily in higher woody plants as (+)-Catechin along with (-)-Epicatechin (cis form). Antidiarrheal. procollagen production inhibitoe, hepatoprotectant

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huperzine A

We supply CAS#102518-79-6

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linderane lab grade hplc>98% LAB GRADE HPLC>98%

Extracted from natural herbs, HPLC>98%, uesd for lab research only.

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reserpine USP 10%-99%

Function for Herb extract Rauwolfia Serpentina Extract Reserpine powder CAS NO 50-55-5

1. Reserpine was blocked by adrenergic neurons of antihypertensive drugs. 
2. This product is the depletion of peripheral sympathetic nerve endings of adrenaline, heart, brain and other tissues of catecholamines and 5 - HT to anti-high blood pressure, slow heart rate and inhibition of the central nervous system. Antihypertensive effect primarily by reducing cardiac output and reduced peripheral resistance, part of the cardiovascular reflex inhibition to achieve. 
3. Reserpine acts on hypothalamic area produce sedation, but no cause drowsiness and anesthetic effects, does not change the sleep EEG, can ease the anxiety of patients with hypertension, tension and headaches. 
4. Experimental animal for less than the clinical dose of reserpine, which appears miosis, eyelid wrinkles and sagging, hypothermia, gastrointestinal symptoms such as the acceleration of activity.

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rutin USP 95%

Product Name: Rutin  NF11

Standard: NF11 greater than 95%

Botanical Source:the dry bud of Sophora Japonica L.

Molecular formula: C27H30O16

Molecular weight: 610.51

CAS No.:153-18-4


Rutin, also called rutoside, quercetin-3-rutinoside and sophorin, is a citrus flavon...oid glycoside found in the flower bud of Scphora japonica L. Rutin is also present in many other plants and sometimes referred to as Vitamin P, although not strictly a vitamin. Rutin inhibits platelet aggregation, as well as decreasing capillary permeability, making the blood thinner and improving circulation. Rutin has anti-inflammatory activity. Rutin inhibits aldose reductase activity. Aldose reductase is an enzyme normally present in the eye and elsewhere in the body. It helps change glucose into a sugar alcohol called sorbitol. Rutin also strengthens the capillaries, and, therefore, can reduce the symptoms of haemophilia.

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