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Intercide ABF 5 DINP

Intercide ABF 5 DINP consists of a 5% solution of OBPA in Di-Isononyl Phthalate (DINP). It gives excellent protection to plasticised PVC against a wide spectrum of fungi and bacteria. The liquid form is particularly advantageous for both paste PVC formulations and for flexible compounds based on suspension grade PVC. It has been specially formulated to have a low volatility and be low in odour and volatility.

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Interlite ZP7003

Interlite ZP7003 is a general purpose non-toxic Calcium/Zinc solid stabiliser recommended for use in flexible and semi-rigid PVC formulations. It can be used in filled and transparent applications where it imparts good colour and length of stability. The application include in flexible extrusion and injection moulding, rigid film, sheet extrusion and injection moulding.

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Interlite ZP8691

Interlite ZP8691 is an economical general purpose Ca/Zn stabiliser formulated specifically for use in the production of flexible PVC by extrusion and calendaring. It offers good initial colour and colour hold accompanied by a moderate length of stability. It is particularly recommended for use in the production of homogeneous flooring.

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Methyl Tin stailizer

Appearance transparent fluid Specific Gravity(20 Degree Celsius) 1.173-1.179 Sulfur Content 11.0-12.5% Tin Content 19.0%-19.2% Refractive index(25 Degree Celsius) 1.50-1.52 trimethyl content 0.2%max light transmissivity(440nm) 95.0-99.9

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Primanox 565 Technical 99.00 min.

Content (%):  98.0 min.  Volatiles (%):  0.50 max.  

Melting Point (?):     91.0 - 96.0 

Light Transmittance (%):  90.0 min.  425 nm     95.0 min.  500 nm  

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Primanox 627A Technical 95.00 min.

Appearance :   White crystalline granular  2,4-DTBP(%)1.0 max.  

Melting point(%): 

170-180  Acid value (mg KOH/g): 1.0 max.

 Volatile matters (%) 1.0Max


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Primesorb 292 Technical 96.00% min.

Assay (%): 96.0 min.   Ash (%): 0.1 max.   

Volatiles (%): 0.5 max.    

 Light transmittance (%): 95.0 min.  425nm     98.0 min.  500nm     


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Primesorb 3853S Technical

    Appearance   off white powder or granular
    Content (UV3853), %:    47.5 - 52.5  
    Saponification Value(mgKOH/g):   128~137  
    Ash (%):   0.5 max.  
    Melting point(): 28 min.  
    Transmittance:   75 min.     425nm  
        85 min.     450nm


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STRUKTOL RP 28 provides some viscosity reduction during processing which improves flow characteristics. STRUKTOL RP 28 has been shown to improve the blending of TPO compounds, flame retardant formulations and filled polymer systems. In many cases, this more homogenous blend results in better physical properties and fewer processing problems.STRUKTOL RP 28 is especially useful in processing recycled PVC offering improved mixing between materials of differing viscosity or incorporation of recycled into powdered virgin compound.

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