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Perfluorooctanoic Acid

Perfluorooctanoic Acid is used in the manufacture of fluoropolymers.

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Polyethylene Furanoate

Polyethylene Furanoate is a polymer that can be produced by polycondensation of 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) and ethylene glycol.It is a next-generation polyester that offers superior barrier and thermal properties, making it ideal material for the packaging of soft drinks, water, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, food and non-food products.

Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate

Sodium vinyl-sulfonate is a polymerizable organic compound which has many industrial uses, particularly as an antistatic agent and as an agent improving the tinctorial affinity of synthetic fibres, such as polyacrylonitrile and polypropylene, to cationic dyes, as a dispersing agent in polymer emulsions, as a wetting agent for lowering the mixing water content of cement, as a starting material for the production of cation exchange resins and synthetic rubber.

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Tetra Methylk Titanate

Tetra Methylk Titanate is chemical used in plastics and polymer.

iPolyAid Masterbatches

iPolyAid Masterbatches from IJPPL offer remarkable opportunities to improve the performance of plastic products.IJPPL additive masterbatch is available in pellet, granule form, iPolyAid Masterbatches are also easy to handle and easy to store.

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iPolyCol Masterbatches

iPolyCol Masterbatches for polyolefin polymers, high-performance engineering thermoplastics,multipurpose colour concentrates, and medical-grade masterbatches for the medical industry,delivering hundreds of standard colours as well as custom formulations and colour/additive combi batches.From business machines and appliances to textiles, automotive components and packaging, designers, brand managers and plastics processors rely on cutting-edge colour technology and in-depth technical support through our manufacturing sites and regional offices to accomplish the target requirement.

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petroleum Purified 99%

Heavy Aromatic Solvents

Heavy Aromatic Solvents Napthalene Depleted Series

Heavy Molecule Aromatic Solvent

Mixed Aromatics Solvents

Paraffinic Products




1,3-Dichloro-2-propanol is used in the synthesis of Glycerol, the production of plastics and textiles and in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals. It is used as a solvent, and as a cement for celluloid. It is also present in some foods. e.g. soy sauce, soup spices and instant soups, from hydrolization of proteins.

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2-Hydroxy Anthraquinone

2-Hydroxy anthraquinone is a building block of many dyes and is industrially used in bleaching pulp for paper making.

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