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Sodium Methallyl Sulfonate

Sodium Methallyl Sulfonate is a co-monomer of the polymers especially for fuctional acrylic fibers (dying betterment and heat resistance). It is used in chain transfer agent.

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Titanium (IV) Isopropoxide

Titanium (IV) Isopropoxide is an alkoxide of Titanium(IV) and is used in organic synthesis and materials science.It is widely used in painting, printing oil, paper making, plastic and rubber.


Tris(nonylphenyl) Phosphite is used as a heat stabilizer for polymers especially for unvulcanized rubbers and polyvinylchloride. It is a phenolic antioxidant maintain the performance integrity, color stability and processing stability of ABS, polycarbonate, polyolefins and vulcanized rubber.

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2-tert-Butyl-4-Methylphenol is widely used in common industry products as an antioxidant, just like plastic, elastomer, adhesive, sealants and even gasoline, jet fuels, turbine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils and automatic transmission fluids and etc.

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3,3,5-Trimethylcyclohexanol is used as a raw material for chemical syntheses, peroxides used as polymerization initiator. It is also used in coatings and paints to provide improved leveling, gloss and surface finish.

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45% Aquanox 2246 Dispersion

45% Aquanox 2246 Dispersion is an antioxidant used in polymer is slightly biodegradable

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50% Aquanox UV P Dispersion

50% Aquanox UV P Dispersion is an antioxidant for use in polymer latices.

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Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate

Ammonium Bicarbonate, also called ammonium hydrogen carbonate, is a white, crystalline powder. It is soluble in water but non-soluble in alcohol and acetone. It decomposes at 36 to 60C to the base of ammonia, carbon dioxide and water vapor. It is used in baking powders and in fire-extinguishing mixtures. It is also used in wide industries of plastics and rubber , compounding of cleaners and polishes and chemical manufacturing and as a basic fertilizer and fertilizer dressing as a source of ammonia.

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