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Mark 1038

Mark 1038 is a dibutyltin dilaurate, an organotin heat stabilizer for flexible PVC applications, synergistic heat stabilizer/lubricant for use in combination with high-efficiency organotin mercaptides in rigid PVC. It is also used as catalyst for urethanes, curing agent for silicones.

Mark 1221

Mark 1221 is a high-efficiency, calcium-zinc organic complex stabilizer. It is used for plastisol industry such as clear plastisol and organosol compounds for molding, spread coating and dipping applications.

Mark 1232

Mark 1232 is an organozinc complex used in the manufacture of expanded vinyl via the plastisol process. Mark 1232 is specially designed for foamed plastisol formulations, serving both as a heat stabilizer for vinyl compounds and a decomposition catalyst for the chemical blowing agent. Mark 1232 is a stabilizer/activator specifically recommended for plastisol compounds containing azodicarbonamide as the blowing agent.

Mark 152S

Mark 152S is an FDA-cleared, non-toxic, solid PVC heat stabilizer recommended for use in plasticized vinyl compounds. Mark 152S is designed for use in the production of calendered or extruded non-toxic film and for the manufacture of clear beverage tubing that require clearance by the FDA as food-contact articles. Mark 152S provides superior initial color and color hold control in such plasticized vinyl products.

Mark 1900

Mark 1900 is a higher efficiency stabilizer for the extrusion of PVC pipe and pipe fittings used in potable-water, DWV, conduit and duct applications, and rigid profiles applications such as vinyl siding and windows.

Mark 1925

Mark 1925 is a liquid methyltin mercaptide for the extrusion of PVC pipe and other rigid PVC compounds. Its unique stabilizing activity results from new mercaptan technology employed in the manufacturing process. Mark 1925 is especially intended for the manufacture of PVC pipe used in potable-water, DWV, conduit and duct applications. Mark 1925 stabilizer provides excellent initial color and color retention in white pigmented rigid PVC compounds and has been found to exhibit superior performance when compared to higher pirced organotins.

Mark 1939

Mark 1939 is a vinyl heat stabilizer is a liquid methyltin for rigid PVC compounds such as pipe and siding substrate. It has excellent retention of initial color combined with superior dynamic heat stability. It gives excellent retention of initial color combined with superior dynamic heat stability.

Mark 1993

Mark 1993 is a liquid methyl tin reverse ester mercaptide stabilizer for rigid PVC applications. Mark 1993 is formulated for demanding applications such as complicated window profiles, vinyl siding, vinyl fencing cap stock and substrate, and pipe fitting. It imparts exceptional long-term heat stability to PVC/wood composites such as windows, decking and trim.

Mark 2225

Mark 2225 is an alkyl tin mercaptide stabilizer, which will provide polyvinyl chloride compositions with outstanding heat stability and crystal clarity. Mark 2225 is a general-purpose thioglycolate. It is extremely effective for the stabilization of crystal-clear unmodified rigid PVC as well as those compositions containing impact modifiers.

Mark 2270

Mark 2270 is a maleate free butyltin carboxylate/mercaptide stabilizer.It is used for a wide variety of both rigid and flexible PVC formulations.

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