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Atmer 1010

Atmer 1010 is a glycerol ester paste which is recommended for use in combination with Atmer 116 as an anti-fogging agent in food wrap film. It also imparts cling.

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Atmer 1440

Atmer 1440 is a liquid glycerol ester which is recommended for use as an anti-fogging agent in polyolefin food wrap.

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Atmer 7301

Atmer 7301 is a 50% concentrate in PE containing an anti-fogging agent which provides long lasting properties in both LDPE and EVA (<8% VA) agricultural films.

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Atmer 7326

Atmer 7326 is a 50% concentrate in PE containing a long lasting anti-fog agent for use in greenhouse films, especially 3 layer films.

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Atmer 7340

Atmer 7340 is a 20% concentrate in PE for use as an anti-fogging agent in clear food wrap applications.

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BC 330EPHV is an anionic emulsion of very high viscosity polydimethylsiloxane. BC330 EPHV silicone emulsion is manufactured by emulsion polymerisation resulting in a high stability product.

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Butanamide is the amide of butyric acid.It is mainly used in the coloring of coatings, inks, plastic and rubber products.

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CESA-laser masterbatches can provide an effective solution for long-lasting marking. They also extend the limits of the technology by making it possible to mark in colors beyond traditional gray tones.

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CLC TU 055

CLC TU 055 is a two component Polyurethane repair compound.This product was developed for patching polyurethane parts.

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