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Bismaleimides are usually not used in their pure solid form, that is, they are often blended with reactive co-monomers such as vinyl and allyl compounds, allyl phenols, isocyanates, and aromatic amines. These blends are usually easier to process and have improved toughness and flexibility.

Butyl Oleate

Butyl Oleate is a pale-yellow clear liquid with the formula C22H42O2 and is classified as a member of the fatty acid ester with a carbon-carbon unsaturated double bond. It is a specialty industry chemical, finding uses in various versatile industries like plasticizer, lubricating oil additives, wetting agent and industrial solvents.

Appolo 1164L

Appolo 1164L exhibits strong UV absorbers  and light stabilizer activity when used in  polyurethane elastomers.
Appolo 1164L also improve the UV absorption properties  of poly propylenes and poly ethylenes.
Appolo 1164L is stable at high temperature and effectively  used in extrusions and moldings.

Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic acid is a naturally occurring organic compound with antioxidant properties. Ascorbic acid and its sodium, potassium, and calcium salts are commonly used as antioxidant food additives. In plastic manufacturing, ascorbic acid can be used to assemble molecular chains more quickly and with less waste than traditional synthesis methods. It is a cofactor in tyrosine oxidation. It is easily oxidized and so is used as a reductant in photographic developer solutions and as a preservative. In fluorescence microscopy and related fluorescence-based techniques, ascorbic acid can be used as an antioxidant to increase fluorescent signal and chemically retard dye photobleaching. It is also commonly used to remove dissolved metal stains, such as iron, from fiberglass swimming pool surfaces.

Benzyl Alcohol

Fostered with immense years of industry experience and market understanding, we are offering Benzyl Alcohol that is an aromatic alcohol with the formula C6H5CH2OH. The alcohol provided by us is processed with the usage of quality approved chemical compounds with the latest techniques to ensure maximum effectiveness. This alcohol is highly admired in the market owing to its features like long shelf life, stability and purity in the market. Provided alcohol is used as a general solvent for inks, paints, lacquers, and epoxy resin coatings. It is also a precursor to a variety of esters, used in the soap, perfume, and flavor industries. Apart from that, clients can purchase this Benzyl Alcohol in from us in numerous packaging options at economical prices.

Butyl Stearate

Butyl Stearate is the chemical compound formed by an esterification reaction between butyl alcohol and stearic acid. It has unique properties like stable, colorless, odorless oily liquid, resistant to oxidation, soluble in acetone and ethanol solvents. Butyl Stearate is notably having uses in personal care formulations, flavors & fragrances, plastics, metal cutting oil, and concrete production.

Appolo 1164 GL

Appolo 1164 GL is UV absorber polymer additives.
This product is suitable for Polyoxymethylene, Polyamide (PA), Polycarbonate (PC),Polyethylene Polyethylene terephthalate (PET); Polybutylene terephthalate(PBT);Polyether amine, ABS resin and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).
Appolo 1164 GL is especially suitable for nylon, engineering plastics and polymer fibers.

Barium Sulfate

Barium Sulfate is known for its poor solubility in water. It is also insoluble in alcohols, and soluble in concentrated acids. Barium Sulphate reacts violently with aluminum powder. Barium sulfate has several medical and radioimaging uses due to its water insolubility and radio-opaque properties.

Connguard 445

Connguard 445, also known as 4,4'-Bis (alpha, alpha-dimethylbenzyl) diphenylamine is a non-colouring aromatic amine that works synergistically with phosphites and phenolic anti-oxidants as a thermal stabiliser in the plastics industry. Furthermore the combination of high amine antioxidant activity, good color and low volatility makes it an ideal antioxidant and heat stabilizer for rubber and plastics.This product is one of the few kinds of antioxidant, which is non-toxic, tasteless, light coloured and is widely applied in each kind of elastomer. Connguard 445 can be used in polyethyene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other plastic masterbatch. It may use as the urethane foam as well as in the electric wiring, the electric cable packaging material for food, adhesive antioxidant, in particular for in heat-resisting, lightfastness, ageing resistance in the neoprene coloured cables). Connguard 445 is predominately used in the production of polyolefins, styrenics, polyols, hot melt adhesives, lubricants and polyamines, rubber auxiliary.

Poly Tace 12002

Poly Tace 12002 is a homopolymer of Maleic acid. It is highly effective as dispersant and scale inhibitor in industrial water treatment, boiler water treatment. It inhibits deposition Ca,Mg, silica, salts which are responsible for deposition of scales on surfaces. The low molecular weight polymer shows good activity over wide range of pH, high hardness and temperature with out precipitations. Apart from thermal stability has good stability to oxidizing agent like chlorine. The product is a non phosphorous non foaming dispersant; hence it as good environmental acceptability.

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