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UNICELL TS is exothermic suitable for glass filled polymers.

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VAE Powder

VAE Powder is water-redispersible vinyl acetate / ethylene copolymer powder that is readily dispersible in water to form stable emulsion. This redispersible powder is especially recommended for blending with inorganic binders such as cement, gypsum and hydrated lime for the manufacture of construction adhesives. Major application of VAE Redispersible Powder includes Cement based Putty, Tile Adhesives, Grouts, Finishing Plasters, Troweling Compunds, Sealing Slurries, Self-Leveling underlayments, etc.

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Vandar PBT

Vandar PBT is a series of extremely impact-resistant thermoplastic polyester blends. Vandar PBT shows high resistance against solvents, fuel, lubricants and brake fluids as well as high abrasion and heat resistance. It is used in a wide range of applications ranging from smaller parts like switches and connectors through brake and fuel line clips, power distribution boxes, wheel covers, headlamp bezels and air bag doors to large bulky parts such as bumper fascia and telephone line splice cases.

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Vectra LCP

Vectra LCP is a world market leader of liquid crystal polymers. Vectra LCP provides high stiffness in thin wall sections and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. It can withstand surface mount soldering temperatures, including those needed with lead-free solder. These properties have led to the use of Vectra LCP in many electronic applications such as sockets, bobbins, switches, connectors, chip carriers and sensors. Many grades have outperformed ceramics, thermosets and other high temperature plastics.Vectra LCPs are specified in numerous medical applications such as surgical instruments, dental tools, sterilizable trays and equipment, drug delivery systems and diagnostics.

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Weston 430 is tris (dipropyleneglycol) phosphite. Weston 430 acts as an antioxidant as well as heat, color and viscosity stabilizer.It can be used for a variety of polymers including polyester fibers and polyurethanes.

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Weston TDP

Weston TDP is used as a secondary stabilizer in SBS, polyethylene terephthalate, PET fibers, coatings, lubricants, PVC and polyurethanes. It can also be used in poly-olefins where regulatory approval for food contact is not required.

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ABRON-S 10 is polyamic acid of pyromellitic dianhydride and diaminodiphenyl ether. It is a polyimide precursor used in the manufacture insulation films. ABRON-S 10 can also be used for enameling rectangular & circular copper and aluminum wires. It is also used to manufacture porous polyimides.

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ALCOTEX 225 is used for the first time, all residues in the reactor from previous polymerizations are removed and the reactor has been washed and dried. Alcotex 225 can be de-stabilized with prolonged exposure to the atmosphere. Once the seal on a container of Alcotex 225 is broken, its contents must be used within a short period of time.

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Alcotex 234 for use in conjunction with Alcotex 225 as a buildup suppressant for vinyl chloride suspension polymerization. It eliminates build-up on the reactor baffles and stirrer or areas of poor surface quality. Use of Alcotex 234 will lead to a substantially higher number of production runs before the reactor has to be opened and pressure cleaned.

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Alcotex 864 is a polyvinyl alcohol, internally plasticized and supplied in a water solution. Alcotex 864 has a medium high hydrolysis level and a low molecular weight. Alcotex 864 may be poured or pumped using a wide variety of normal processing equipment. Care should be taken not to entrain air into the product during handling or mixing and if required, suitable antifoam may be used. Alcotex 864 is stable under normal storage conditions, but extremes of temperature should be avoided. At low temperatures the product’s viscosity increases significantly and a hazy solution is observed. Alcotex 864 should be stored in sealed containers as received.

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