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Polimix 80

Polimix 80 is an polymeric plasticizer based on Phthalic Anhydride and polyhydric alcohols. It is used for manufacturing of plastisols, leather clothing, industrial gloves and conveyor belts.

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Polybutene is used in gasoline, functional fluids, dielectric oils, lubricating-oils, hot-melt adhesives, caulks, sealants, glazing compounds, sealing tapes, insulation jackets for wires, cable sleeves, pipes, viscosity index improvers, films and coatings, agricultural products, inks, industrial greases, leather, paper coatings, and skin and hair conditioning cosmetics; also used as a polymer modifier and plasticizer.

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Polycol-DA is used as an polyester dyeing and printing.

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Polycol-LS is used as an polyester dyeing & printing.

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Polygel HP

Polygel HP is a synthetic polymer obtained through a proprietary manufacturing technique. Polygel HP can find a large number of application in the cosmetic industry as thickener and suspending agent thanks to its safety and versatility.

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Soap Stone

Soapstone is a metamorphic rock, a talc-schist. It is largely composed of the mineral talc and is thus rich in magnesium.Soapstone is used for inlaid designs, sculpture, coasters, and kitchen countertops and sinks. The Inuit often used soapstone for traditional carvings. Some Native American groups made bowls, cooking slabs, and other objects from soapstone, particularly during the Late Archaic archaeological period. Vikings hewed soapstone directly from the stone face, shaped it into cooking-pots, and sold these at home and abroad.

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StimVis AG

Synthetic polymer gelling agent component of StimVis Self-Diverting Acid (SDA) gelled acid system. AG cross-linking occurs as acid spends, causing the polymer to complex.

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Texdye PDW

Texdye PDW is a multifunctional auxiliary for the dyeing of 100% polyester, polyester blends, wool, polyamide, acetate and acrylic. It is stable in acidic, alkaline and high electrolyte conditions which make it particularly suitable for the single bath dyeing of polyester / cellulose blends.

Texdye RDF

Texdye RDF is an highly cost effective formaldehyde free fixing agent for reactive dyed cellulosic fabrics. It improves wet fastness properties whilst having negligible effect on light fastness. It can also be used to improve fastness on direct dyed shades.


UNICELL TS is exothermic suitable for glass filled polymers.

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