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Alcotex B72 is polyvinyl alcohol which has been specially developed for use as a primary suspending agent for vinyl chloride suspension polymerization. Alcotex B72 has been developed to meet the needs of PVC manufacturers who require good grain size control at cost effective concentrations. Alcotex B72 is used to make PVC with a wide range of porosities and bulk densities. Alcotex B72 is not prone to dusting.

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Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid is categorized as the polar solvent, simplest carboxylic acid, a weak acid. The chemical formula of acetic acid is C2H4O2. It is the major component of vinegar and is also referred to as glacial acetic acid. As an industrial solvent, it is used in the production of terephthalic acid, dyestuff, wood glues and in the food industry it is used as an acidity regulator. Triveni Interchem Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading industrial acetic acid manufacturer and supplier, meeting the demand of various industries. Our clients can buy acetic acid online from us at the best market price.

Acid Blue 1

Acid blue 1 is mainly used for wool and silk dyeing and printing fabrics and can also be used to prepare carbon paper, black water and the lake. Besides,it can also be used for coloring plastics and bio-coloring.

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Acid red 18

Acid dyes are water-soluble dyes employed mostly in the form of sodium salts of the sulfonic or carboxylic acids. They are anionic which attach strongly to cationic groups in the fibre directly. They can be applicable to all kind of natural fibres like wool, cotton and silk as well as to synthetics like polyesters, acrylic and rayon. They are also used in paints, inks, plastics and leather.

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BENTOLITE L is a white bentonite produced from native, colloidal aluminum silicate by our unique process.The unequalled high purity, whiteness and brightness of BENTOLITE L is made possible by our selective mining, proprietary and rigid process control of the crude ore. BENTOLITE L used in fabric softners, carrier/ filler for organics, binder, disintegrant.

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Benzylamine consists of a benzyl group attached to an amine functional group. This colorless liquid is a common precursor in organic synthesis. It is used as a masked source of ammonia, since after N-alkylation, the benzyl group can be removed by hydrogenolysis.

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Blendex 866

Blendex 866 is a high molecular weight process aid methyl methacrylate styrene acylonitrile terpolymer (MMASAN). It provides an economical option for achieving greater melt strength in polymers, melt strength and hot elongation to both rigid and semi-rigid vinyl applications. Blendex 866 allows for the production of very low density PVC foam by preventing cell elongation and breakage.

Blendex 869

Blendex 869 is an ultra high molecular weight SAN process aid. It provides increased PVC melt strength at low concentrations, good thermoforming properties, and parison and thermoforming control in blow molding applications and calendered rigid and semirigid PVC film. Blendex 869 improves hot melt strength and dimensional stability, even at low levels, in PVC and other polymer applications.


CYLINK IBMA is a bi-functional monomer that combines a readily polymerizable vinyl group and a crosslinkable iso-butoxymethyl acrylamide group. It is used in both emulsion and solvent polymerizations, in can coatings, UV cured systems, photo-resists and both latex and solution coating resins, wood adhesives, varnishes and metal coatings, reactive diluents in radiation curing systems.

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CYLINK DOM is an internal plasticizing monomer used in copolymers with styrene, vinyl acetate, EVA, acrylates and PVC. It is used in emulsion polymerization for the production of soft polymers or latex for paint, adhesives, textile and paper coating applications. CYLINK DOM also used as plasticizer in flexible PVC.

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