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Polysulfide formulations offer corrosion protection, superior electrical insulation and good flowability. These elastomeric compounds are 100% reactive and are designed to cure at ambient temperatures or at slightly elevated temperatures.polysulfides are versatile synthetic elastomers that are used in the electronic, electrical, computer, metalworking, appliance, automotive and chemical industries. They can be used in a wide range of applications.

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RayCryl 775

RayCryl 775 is a high performance all acrylic emulsion polymer designed for industrial wood and concrete applications. RayCryl 775 provide excellent adhesion and have outstanding durability.It is used in industrial wood coatings,concrete coatings.

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RayFlex 303

RayFlex 303 is a high-solids, acrylic elastomeric emulsion polymer for high performance wall mastics and roof coatings.RayFlex 303 provide outstanding adhesion to a wide range of construction substrates,high tensile strength and elongation,excellent exterior durability and UV resistance.

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RayKote 970

RayKote 970 is specifically designed to have excellent pigment binding properties, making it ideal for formulating high PVC coatings.It is used in industrial primers and topcoats for interior wood,face grade wood putties.

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Repel-o-Tex is a specialty polymer additives that achieves unequalled effectiveness in stain removal and fiber protection,It is widely used in laundry powders and tablets.

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SASOLWAX H1 is a medium melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax.It is available in flaked and pellet form .It is mostly used by intermediate companies who do wax grinding. SASOLWAX H1 micronised ground form applied effectively in all areas where Sasolwax Spray 30, Sasolwax Spray 40 and Sasolwax H1N4 are used.It is used as a viscosity regulator, melting point elevator in wax blends, lubricant and release agent in moulding and extrusion of plastic, insulating component in the cable,electrical industry and chewing gum base, in manufacture of carbon paper backing, crayons.

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SOLUAID 101 is an acrylic polymer.It is used as a process aid, designed for use in weatherable applications.

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SOLUAID 106 is a high molecular weight acrylic polymer used as a process aid. It is designed for use in weatherable applications.

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SOLUAID 211 is an acrylic polymer used as a lubricating process aid, and it is designed for use in weatherable applications.

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Saret SR500

Saret SR500 coagent is a trifunctional, low color, low staining, scorch retarding aid which contains nitroso inhibitor packages. When incorporated into peroxide cure natural and synthetic rubber systems, the product improves mechanical and performance properties.

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