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Ottopol M-49

Ottopol M-49 is an emulsion polymer with a excellent adhesion properties, that has been neutralized with Dimethylethanolamine.

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POLYCOL- PDM is used in polyester dyeing and Printing.

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POLYGEN- DFT is an levelling / stripping agent for disperse dyeing.

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Polimix 150N

Polimix 150N is a polymeric plasticizer. It can be used alone or as a blend with monomeric plasticizers for applications requiring low viscosity and good processability.

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Polimix 340N

Polimix 340N is a medium viscosity polymeric plasticizer which facilitates the formulation of PVC compounds with a very good resistance to extraction by oils, fats and hydrocarbons, low volatility, low tendency to migrate in contact with other thermoplastic materials.

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Polybutylene is a polyolefin or saturated polymer. It is produced by polymerisation of 1-butene using supported Ziegler-Natta catalysts. Polybutylene, when applied as a pure or reinforced resin, can replace materials like metal, rubber and engineering polymers. It is also used synergistically as a blend element to modify the characteristics of other polyolefins like polypropylene and polyethylene. Because of its specific properties it is mainly used in pressure piping, flexible packaging, water heaters, compounding and hot melt adhesives.

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Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer consisting of long chains produced by combing the ingredient monomer ethylene.Its grades include High density polyethylene,Linear low density polyethylene,Low density polyethylene.It is widely used in plastics.

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Polyfluorenes are a class of polymeric materials. They are of interest because similar to other conjugated polymers, they are currently being investigated for use in light-emitting diodes, field-effect transistors, and plastic solar cells. They are not a naturally occurring material, but are designed and synthesized for their applications. Modern chemistry has enabled adaptable synthesis and control over polyfluorenes that has facilitated use in many organic electronic applications.


Polyglycidol is a macromolecule composed of repeating propane-1,2-diol units.Polyglycidols are flexible hydrophilic polyethers that are potentially biocompatible polymers.It can be prepared as branched or linear polymers.


Polyurethane foam are used in aviation, railways, architecture and sports. It can be used for precast polyurethane board. It also can be used in the manufacture of plastic products, wear-resisting synthesis rubber products, synthetic fiber, hard and soft foam plastics, adhesives and coating.

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