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Maxinol 4410

Maxinol 4410 is low molecular weight terpolymer of carboxylate, sulphonate and nonionic. It is used in water treatment formulations to provide optimum dispersancy for most particles under broad range of operating conditions. It also works as a strong dispersant, holding the Silt and other suspended solids in suspension and prevent fouling. It offers excellent dispersion for dried and hydrated iron oxide, hydroxyapatite and calcium carbonate. It is excellent stabilizer for phosphate, phosphonates and zinc.

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Maxinol 5160

Maxinol 5160 is low molecular weight phosphino carboxylic acid. It is highly effective as dispersant and scales Inhibitor in oil field applications, cooling water treatment and boiler water treatment. It inhibits deposition of Ca / Mg salts (carbonates, sulfates and phosphates), Barium sulfate and other low solubility salts, which are responsible for deposition of scales. Maxinol 5160 is also effective in transporting iron oxide scales. Maxinol 5160 can be monitored with conventional analytical methods. Maxinol 5160 is non-flammable, non-combustible. It should be stored under shade.

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Maxinol 5200

Maxinol 5200 is low molecular weight poly-acrylic homopolymer. It inhibits deposition of CaCO3, CaSO4, BaSO4 and other low solubility scale forming salts by threshold effect. Maxinol 5200 also has excellent hardness chelation capabilities and is used as a chelating polymer in textile auxiliaries. Maxinol 5200 shows good activity over a wide range of pH, hardness and temperature without precipitation. Maxinol 5200 is non-flammable, non-combustible. It should be stored under shade.

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Maxinol 5400

Maxinol 5400 is low molecular weight carboxylate sulfonate terpolymer. It is used in cooling water and boiler water treatment formulations to provide optimum dispersancy for all types of scalants and particulate fouling. Maxinol 5400 is particularly effective in controlling calcium phosphate precipitation at high pH, calcium hardness and in presence of iron where co-polymers have limited effectiveness. It also works as a strong dispersant, holding silt and other suspended solids in suspension and preventing fouling. It offers higher solubility for salts, works as a crystal modifier and has high dispersing activity. Maxinol 5400 stabilizes phosphonates under highly alkaline conditions.

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Mersolat H95

Mersolat H95 is Mixture of primarily secondary sodium alkyl sulfonates with an average chain length of C15. Mersolat H95 is acts as an antistatic agent. The product may also be applied to the surface in a dissolved form. It is employed to prevent electrostatic pick-up which can occur both during production processes and when the finished article is in use. Mersolat H95 reduces the transparency of polymers which would normally be completely transparent. Compatible with rigid and semi-rigid PVC, standard and high impact PS, ABS and PP. The most suitable fields of application are extruded profiles and articles for injection molding. Mersolat H95 is sensitive to moisture and must therefore always be kept in its tightly sealed original container in a cool, dry place protected from light. It has a shelf life of 2 years.

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Methocel 228

Methocel 228 is a hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) designed for use in tape joint compounds, crack fillers and similar construction materials. A cold water dispersible cellulose ether, Methocel 228 is a low viscosity thickener with slightly delayed solubility. It imparts good workability and excellent crack resistance, and reduces lump formation. Methocel 228 also enhances water retention.

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Ottopol G-35

Ottopol G-35 has unique characteristics impart excellent flow and leveling to inks and coatings, making gravure print quality possible that could only be attained with solvent systems in the past.

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Ottopol M-30

Ottopol M-30 is an excellent vehicle for inks made with copper and aluminum powder. Ottopol M-30 has extraordinary compatibility with basic dyes and fluorescent pigments.

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Ottopol M-49

Ottopol M-49 is an emulsion polymer with a excellent adhesion properties, that has been neutralized with Dimethylethanolamine.

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POLYCOL- PDM is used in polyester dyeing and Printing.

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