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Repol T200MK

Repol T200MK is recommended for use in Injection Moulding and Stretch Blow Moulding processes. It is an ideal material for attaining high clarity in housewares, thin wall injection moulded articles and ISBM products. Repol T200MK contains clarifier and antistatic agent that reduces static charge build-up in products.

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SASOLWAX M3B is a Hydrocarbon wax blend, available in liquid bulk, pastille and slab form. Its having Congealing point of 58-64°C. SASOLWAX M3B is recommended for Moulding Process. Applications of this product includes candle production, creams & lotions, household and consumer goods, cosmetics, personal care, plastics & polymers and packaging.

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SONGNOX 1010 is a primary antioxidant for organic polymers, polymer processing.

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SONGNOX 1680 is a secondary antioxidant for organic polymers. Applications include polyolefins, polycarbonate, polyester, and styrenics. SONGNOX 1680 can be used with benzotriazoles and HALS for thermal and light stabilization in out door use.

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Saret SR522D

Saret SR522D is a dispersion of an acrylic coagent that can be used with peroxide to cure EPDM and other elastomers to give extremely low compression set, high tensile strength, and fast cure, while maintaining good scorch safety. It contains a safe, non-nitroso scorch retarder and exhibits low color and low staining.

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Scleroglucan is a water soluble, nature-derived polysaccharide produced by fermentation of the filamentous fungus Sclerotium rolfsii. It is a highly versatile ingredient, which improves the sensory characteristic of personal care products. Scleroglucan has rheological properties, and unlike most natural and synthetic gums, has high thermal stability, is resistant to hydrolysis and retains skin moisture.Scleroglucan can be used in hair, skin and sun care, bath and body products and color cosmetics.Scleroglucan's chemical structure consists of beta-1,3-D-glucose residues with one beta-1,6-D-glucose side chain every three main residues.Due to its non-ionic nature, acids and alkalis do not affect scleroglucan over a wide pH range (2.5 to 12), and so do not most electrolytes. It is compatible, without synergism, with most of the other thickeners such as guar gum, locust bean gum, alginate, gelatin, xanthan gum, carrageenans, and cellulose derivatives. It is also compatible with most widely used surfactants such as sulfates, sulfonates and quaternary ammonium salts. Scleroglucan remains soluble in mixtures containing up to 50 percent of polyols and glycols.

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Stearic Acid

Orchid Chemie present to the customers Stearic Acid of the finest quality. Stearic Acid is a saturated fatty acid. Our Stearic Acid has been procured from reliable vendors and manufacturers. It has been processed from high grade ingredients. Stearic Acid is used in making candles, plastics, cosmetic products, softening rubber purposes.

StimVis AG E

StimVis AG E a synthetic polymer gelling agent crosslinks as acid spends itself, causing the polymer to complex to help control fluid loss and direct the acid stimulation treatment across the fracture face.

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Synthalen CR

Synthalen CR is a synthetic cationic polymer that can be used in cosmetic applications as a thickening, suspending, and conditioning agent. Synthalen CR is compatible with a wide range of cationic and nonionic surfactants.

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Synthalen MP

Synthalen MP is a synthetic polymer well known and widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as thickener and suspending agent thanks to its safety and versatility. Synthalen MP dispersions are characterized by high viscosity in a large range of pH. It can be used in topical preparations, oral products and retard systemic products (to release pharmaceutically active substances over an extended period of time when applied orally).

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