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Synthalen MP

Synthalen MP is a synthetic polymer well known and widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as thickener and suspending agent thanks to its safety and versatility. Synthalen MP dispersions are characterized by high viscosity in a large range of pH. It can be used in topical preparations, oral products and retard systemic products (to release pharmaceutically active substances over an extended period of time when applied orally).

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Tri-Rez 1020

Tri-Rez 1020 is a highly crystalline polyester for water-borne adhesives.

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Tri-Rez 1030

Tri-Rez 1030 is a liquid polyesters for solvent-free textile coatings.

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is exothermic suitable for polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene polymer (ABS).

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VINNAPAS 400 is a poly(vinyl alcohol) stabilized vinyl acetate-ethylene(VAE) copolymer dispersion with a glass transition temperature (Tg ) of 0°C.It was developed as a high-performance dispersion offering a superior balance of adhesive/cohesive properties useful in an extremely wide variety of applications.

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Vinnolit EXT

Vinnolit EXT is a new generation of homopolymeric extender resin. Vinnolit EXT reduces dilatancy and also increases the shelf life of the plastisol. Vinnolit EXT is readily incorporated into PVC plastisols by means of a dissolver, without formation of agglomerates. Vinnolit EXT is used primarily in pastes with low or medium plasticizer content. Vinnolit EXT generates good mechanical properties such as cold crack, tear strength and elongation at break. Vinnolit EXT is suitable for both compact coatings and mechanically frothed or chemically blown foam.

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Vinyltoluene is used as a monomer in the plastics and surface-coating industries.

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Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomers.It has improved adhesion, inherent elasticity, notable toughness and broad polyolefin compatibility.It is used in a broad range of cast polypropylene (cPP), stretch hood, PP raffia tape, extrusion coated and laminated woven and nonwoven polyolefinic substrates, surface protection, cast stretch, and elastic hygiene film applications.

Vulkanox BHT

Vulkanox BHT is a highly effective antioxidant which does not discolor and is non-toxic. It protects many organic compounds from being oxidized by oxygen. Vulkanox BHT is used in elastomers, latices, polyether polyols, mineral oils, propellants, adhesives, paints, printing inks, aliphatic and cyclic ethers, vegetable oils and plastics.

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1,2-Butadiene is extracted from a mixed butadiene stream using a distillation process.It is mainly used as feedstock in the manufacturing of synthetic elastomers.

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