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ABS IFB White have high conductivity, easy processing and tight dimensional tolerance after injection molding. These are conductive thermoplastic compounds. It have excellent burning retardants and have high toughness with lower volatile content.

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ACRALEN U 550 is an aqueous dispersion of aliphatic polyurethane with high solid content. ACRALEN U 550 is mainly used for the dipping of thin examination gloves. Additional applications are textile supported gloves and condoms. ACRALEN U 550 is compatible with many commercially available plasticisers like Unimoll BB1, Disflamol DPO1 or Disflamol DPK1.

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ACRALEN U 900 is an aqueous dispersion of an aliphatic polyurethane. ACRALEN U 900 is mainly used for the coating of gloves as well as for blending with ACRALEN U 550 for production of examination- and supported gloves. ACRALEN U 900 as a coating polymer provides good donning properties and does not have the disadvantages of powder or chlorination. ACRALEN U 900 is easily mixable with deionized water to coat on to gloves made of natural-, nitrile- or polychloroprene latex.

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Alcotex WD100 is an aqueous solution of a 43% hydrolyzed polyvinyl alcohol. It has been specifically developed by Synthomer Ltd as a secondary suspending agent for vinyl chloride polymerization. Infinitely dilutable in water, and with extremely low methanol content, Alcotex WD100 offers increased PVC resin porosity and reduced levels of gels or fish eyes when compared to traditional products. Alcotex WD100 is also compatible with other conventional primary suspending agents. Alcotex WD100 is stable under normal storage conditions, but extremes of temperature should be avoided.

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ARDEX AF 2510 is a two part polyurethane adhesive for fixing PVC, Polyolefins (planks and tile), linoleum, rubber and hardwood floorcoverings. It is water resistant when fully cured and is virtually emission free enabling thin PVC floorcoverings to be installed without bubbling. It is smooth and easy to trowel with small or large notched trowels for PVC and large format hardwood boards.ARDEX AF 2510 can be used on or over smoothing underlayments, sand and cement screeds, calcium sulfate screeds, concrete.

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Aconitic Acid

Aconitic acid is an organic acid. The two isomers are cis-aconitic acid and trans-aconitic acid. Aconitic acid can be synthesized by dehydration of citric acid using sulfuric acid.

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Acrylonitrile is a colorless liquid with pungent-smell .It is an important monomer for the manufacture of useful plastics.Acrylonitrile is used principally as a monomer in the manufacture of synthetic polymers, especially polyacrylonitrile which comprises acrylic fibers. Acrylic fibers are, among other uses, precursor for well-known carbon-fiber. It is also a component of synthetic rubber. Dimerization of acrylonitrile affords adiponitrile, used in the synthesis of certain Nylons. Small amounts are also used as a fumigant.

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Adflex KS021P

Adflex KS021P is a reactor TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) manufactured using LyondellBasell' s proprietary Catalloy process technology. It is suitable for the extrusion and calendering of soft film and sheet, for the impact modification of polypropylene, as well as monolayer and multilayer air quenched blown films.

Adflex KS084P

Adflex KS084P is a reactor TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) manufactured using LyondellBasell's proprietary Catalloy process technology. Adflex KS084P features a high melt flow and a low modulus.

Adflex KS311P

Adflex KS311P is a reactor TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) manufactured using LyondellBasell' s proprietary Catalloy process technology. It is suitable for extrusion as well as injection molding and blow molding applications, including mechanical and decorative automotive parts requiring elastomeric type properties, like molded-in color automotive exterior components.

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