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LITEX T 56R60 is an aqueous dispersion of a carboxylated styrene-butadiene copolymer. It was developed for secondary backing, particularly for the two coat process. LITEX T 56R60 is used with fillers such as calcium carbonate, or can be used as a filler-free system.

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LITEX T 56X30 is an aqueous dispersion of a carboxylated styrene-butadiene copolymer. It was specially developed for secondary backing. LITEX T 56X30 also can be used for the two coat process. It is used with fillers such as calcium carbonate, or can be used as a filler-free system.

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Lead Stearate

Lead Stearate is a stabiliser for PVC. It is also used as a lubricant for Plasticized PVC compounds, particularly cable covering, used in PVC cables to reduce electrical conductivity. Lead Stearate should not be used in articles that come in contact with foodstuff.

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Licomer A 623

Licomer A 623 is an aqueous polymer dispersion for the manufacture of dry-bright emulsions intended especially for the care of floors. It provides excellent gloss (wet look), easy buffability with ultra-high-speed machines, excellent water and detergent resistance, excellent removal properties without metal salts, good traffic resistance, low ammonium odor, good dirt repellency and low presence of black heel marks.

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Mark 17 MOK S

Mark 17 MOK S is an octyltin mercaptide stabilizer for PVC. It is mainly used in the production of rigid PVC packaging materials to comply with food regulations. It is particularly effective in both initial color and long-term heat stability in most types of PVC resins used in this application.

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Maxinol C4200

Maxinol C4200 is low molecular weight carboxylate sulfonate copolymer. It is used in water treatment formulations to provide stabilization for calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate and Zinc. It also works as a strong dispersant, holding silt and other suspended solids in suspension and preventing fouling. It offers high threshold effect properties, works as a crystal modifier and has higher dispersing activity.

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Maxinol C5100

Maxinol C5100 is low molecular weight poly-acrylic Acid homopolymer. It is highly effective as dispersant and scale Inhibitor in industrial water treatment, Boiler water treatment as well in all types of water based formulations. It inhibits deposition of Ca / Mg salts (carbonates, sulphates), Barium sulphate and other low solubility salts, which are responsible for depositions of scales on surfaces. It is widely used in industrial water treatment as a dispersant and scale inhibitor. It inhibits build up of scale by solubility enhancement, crystal growth modification and dispersion of clay, soil and precipitates.

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Millad NX8000

Millad NX8000 clarifying agents are revolutionizing the clear polypropylene industry by creating new opportunities for polypropylene usage in clear housewares, packaging, and bottles. It also increases the beauty of current polypropylene materials, allowing even thicker parts to approach the clarity of glass or amorphous polymers.

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Millathane HT

Millathane HT is a polyester, millable polyurethane which has the ability to withstand elevated temperatures. One typical shortcoming of polyurethanes in general is a loss of physical properties at temperatures over 180ºF (82ºC), Millathane HT has overcome this weakness.

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NM-Carbomer20 is a hydrophobically modified cross-linked acrylate copolymer. It self wets and disperses quickly in minutes, which remarkably meets formulators’ ease-use need. NM-Carbomer20 delivers excellent thickening efficiency at a wide PH range which makes it a good choice for wide applications. In surfactant systems, it performs outstandingly to suspend and stabilize insoluble substance like beads, microcapsules, exfoliants, silicones and oils. NM-Carbomer 20 also provides good electrolyte tolerance and unique sensory benefits in formulations. Even at high concentration, NM-Carbomer20 maintains excellent clarity.

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