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ROHAGIT SD 30 is an aqueous emulsion of a thermoplastic acrylic polymer. It serves as a starting material for thickening agents. ROHAGIT SD 30 is delivered in road tankers or in non-returnable pallet containers. It contains a preservative to counter microbial attack during transportation.

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Relene B56003

Relene B56003 is a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) grade suitable for general purpose extrusion blow moulding applications.

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Relene E24065

Relene E24065 is a butene comonomer based Linear Low Density Polyethylene. Relene E24065 grade is designed for extrusion coating applications. It offers excellent sealing properties, ESCR, tear strength and abrasion resistance in thin extrusion coatings.

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Relene F18010

Relene F18010 is a butene comonomer based Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), without antiblock and slip additives. Relene F18010 grade is designed for manufacturing for lamination film application.

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Repol AER003N

Repol AER003N is recommended for pipes for pressure applications, sheets for thermoforming and extrusion blow moulding.

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Repol AM1035N

Repol AM1035N is recommended for use in Injection Moulding processes. It is an ideal material to use in crates, furniture, textile and automotive components where medium impact strength is required.

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Repol AM1400N

Repol AM1400N is an ideal material to use in compounds for appliance parts and automotive components. Repol AM1400N is recommended for use in Injection Moulding and Compounding, and is suitable for intricate and very thin-section mouldings.

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Rhodia Acetol

Rhodia Acetol can be used in a wide range of applications, including as a raw material for cigarette filters, in packaging, plastics, agriculture, pharmaceutical products and consumer goods.


SABIC PP 500P is a medium flow, multipurpose grade for extrusion and injection moulding applications. SABIC PP 500P is suitable for production of injection moulded articles e.g. caps and closures and house ware products, where this grade shows a high stiffness,combined with a fair impact resistance and very good surface hardness.

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Saret SR516HP

Saret SR516HP coagent is a difunctional, low color, low odor, low staining, scorch retarding coagent that contains non-nitroso inhibitor packages. When incorporated into peroxide cure natural and synthetic rubber systems, the product improves mechanical and performance properties.

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