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Kraton G1640 E

Kraton G1640 E is a clear linear triblock copolymer based on styrene and ethylene/butylene (S-E/B-S) with bound styrene of 32.9% mass. Kraton G1640 E is used as a base material for compound formulations and as a modifier of thermoplastics.

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Kraton G1641 H

Kraton G1641 H is a clear, linear triblock copolymer based on styrene and ethylene/butylene with a polystyrene content of 33%. Kraton G1641 H is used in compound formulations and as a modifier of thermoplastics. It may also find use in formulating adhesives, sealants, coatings and modified bitumens.

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Lead Carbonate

Lead carbonate is prepared industrially from lead(II) acetate and carbon dioxide. It has a wide range of applications. It catalyzes the polymerization of formaldehyde to high molecular weight crystalline poly(oxymethylene) products. It is used as a component of high-pressure lubricating greases, as a catalyst in the curing of moldable thermosetting silicone resins, as a coating on vinyl chloride polymers to improve their dielectric properties, as a component of corrosion-resistant, dispersion- strengthened grids in lead-acid storage batteries and also as a photoconductor for electrophotography.

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Lumisorb STO B

Lumisorb STO B is a sorbitan trioleate,oil soluble ester used to disperse/stablize pigments in polymer resins.


MIKROFINE 5200 is a chemical blowing agent for PVC and TPE in the processing temperature range of 160-170°C. It is a free flowing powder with minimal agglomeration and lumping problem. It is ideal for direct metering into extruder hoppers. It is a specially formulated composition wherein components are intimately bonded and give excellent performance by producing very line cellular structure. MIKROFINE 5200 has been specially designed for giving maximum density reduction and giving whiter foamed products, which give good surface finish.

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MIKROFINE A14D is a propriety chemical blowing agent formulation designed for the foaming of injection moulded EVA compounds. It is specially designed for cross-linked injection moulded EVA slipper and sandals where in it is can be incorporated along with another blowing agent 5A06 in a predefined ratio.

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MIKROFINE OBSH is a chemical blowing agent for natural and synthetic sponge rubber, cellular plastic like EVA copolymers, LDPE and PVC in the processing temperature range of 140-170°C. It is used in the production of microcellular rubber /EPDM rubber, rigid PVC foam, coaxial cables and crown cork linings, cellular cable insulations, expanded LDPE/EVA foams, and for automotive door seals, low density refrigeration, and air conditioning insulations.

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Maxinol PM 200

Maxinol PM 200 is low molecular weight maleic homopolymer. It is a highly effective dispersant and scale inhibitor in cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, reverse osmosis systems and many other scale control applications such as in textile dyeing, water injection systems in oil fields and sugar mill evaporators. Maxinol PM 200 is excellent for controlling CaCO3 and CaSO4 scale formation under aggressive conditions. It is thermally stable, stable to chlorine and oxidizing biocides at normal use levels.

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Mirapol Surf-S

Mirapol Surf-S polymers modify the surface into a more hydrophilic - water-loving - surface. Rinsing water flows on the surface as a thin film that dries faster, leaving the surface free of spots and streaks. Mirapol Surf-S polymers resist rinsing and wiping from the first use and reduce soil adhesion on the surface.

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Moplan RPN348N

Moplan RPN348N is a polypropylene random copolymer resin with high clarity, good stiffness impact balance, and good processability. Moplan RPN348N's typical aplications are food containers, housewares, motorcycle battery cases, ISBM bottles, and parts of electrical appliances such as fan blades.

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