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Low-Density Polyethylene

Low-Density Polyethylene is a thermoplastic made from the monomer ethylene. It is not reactive at room temperatures, except by strong oxidizing agents, and some solvents cause swelling. It can withstand temperatures of 80 °C continuously and 95 °C for a short time.Low-Density Polyethylene is widely used for manufacturing various containers, dispensing bottles, wash bottles, tubing, plastic bags for computer components, and various molded laboratory equipment. Its most common use is in plastic bags.

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Lumisorb SMS KP

Lumisorb SMS KP is a sorbitan monostearate used as emulsifier.

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Lumisorb STO B

Lumisorb STO B is a sorbitan trioleate,oil soluble ester used to disperse/stablize pigments in polymer resins.

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MIKROFINE 5200 is a chemical blowing agent for PVC and TPE in the processing temperature range of 160-170°C. It is a free flowing powder with minimal agglomeration and lumping problem. It is ideal for direct metering into extruder hoppers. It is a specially formulated composition wherein components are intimately bonded and give excellent performance by producing very line cellular structure. MIKROFINE 5200 has been specially designed for giving maximum density reduction and giving whiter foamed products, which give good surface finish.

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MIKROFINE 5A06/2A03/6A07

MIKROFINE 5A06/2A03/6A07 is a chemical blowing agent in powder form specially designed for the production of EVA compounds meant for injection moulding. MIKROFINE 5A06/2A03/6A07 are specially designed for cross linked injection moulded EVA slipper and sandals where in it is can be incorporated along with another blowing agent A14D in a pre-defined ratio.

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MIKROFINE A14D is a propriety chemical blowing agent formulation designed for the foaming of injection moulded EVA compounds. It is specially designed for cross-linked injection moulded EVA slipper and sandals where in it is can be incorporated along with another blowing agent 5A06 in a predefined ratio.

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MIKROFINE ADC-1300 is a chemical blowing agent based on Azodicarbonamide. It is useful in the processing temperature range of 160-190°C for foaming rubber compounds particularly PVC, LDPE and EVA co-polymers. It is not soluble in oils and plasticizers generally used in compounding. It can be dispersed easily during processing, if this process includes a milling operation. It can also be pre-mixed with appropriate oil or plasticizer. It can be used in production of light colored products, packing materials and life jackets, micro cellular rubber, particularly polychloroprene, expanded LDPE/EVA foams.

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MIKROFINE ADC-300 is a chemical blowing agent for recycled PVC foot wears. It is used in plasticized PVC for the production of footwear, midsoles/insoles.

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MIKROFINE ADC-3012 is a self-dispersible universally employed chemical blowing agent in powder form for the production of cellular plastics. It is completely dispersible. It has been specially developed to produce white foams in PVC plastisol applications where it can be incorporated into PVC-plastisol as a dry powder during the normal mixing cycle. It can be incorporated into rubber compounds at the end of the mixing process and disperses easily in all compounds. It vulcanizates with fine, uniform cell structure and smooth surface can be obtained and these products do not impart discoloration or odor to vulcanizates. It is used in a wide variety of polymers for the production of foamed articles based on plasticized or unplastized PVC, HDPE/LDPE, EVA co-polymers, natural and synthetic rubber, polypropylene and ABS where in it produces whiter foams with uniform and fine cell structure. It is especially suitable for PVC plastisol application.

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