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Barium Stearate

Barium stearate is used as a waterproofing agent, lubricant and bearing fill lining. It is also used as heat stabilizer of PVC products.

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Benzyl Benzoate

Benzyl benzoate is the ester of benzyl alcohol and benzoic acid. It may be used as an antiparasitic insecticide to kill the mites responsible for the skin condition scabies. It is used as a fixative in fragrances to improve the stability and other characteristics of the main ingredients and as a food additive in artificial flavors. It is also used as a plasticizer in cellulose and other polymers and as a solvent for various chemical reactions.

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CAB-O-SIL H-300 is high surface area fumed silica which imparts significant increase in viscosity in liquid systems and in reinforcement of sealants and rubbers. CAB-O-SIL H-300 is used to provide thickening, thixotropic (shear-thinning) and anti-settling behavior in liquid systems. CAB-O-SIL H-300 is most efficient in non-polar to medium polarity systems.

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CLP7106/CLI4010 is a two component, low viscosity, low durometer, Polyurethane potting compound.

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CLP7290/CLI4182 has a superior tear resistance & has 85A hardness.It is a low viscosity,casting urethane system.

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CLP7300/CLI4161 is a low cost, Fast gel, Abrasion Resistant, good for prototyping.

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CLP7806/CLI4161 is a solventless,low viscosity, two component, polyurethane casting system specifically designed for casting transformers, coils & electronic components.

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CLR1066/CLH6590 is a two component, low viscosity, potting & encapsulating material suitable formachine dispense.The cured product is machinable.

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CLR1190/CLH5166 is a two component, heat cured, long pot life, epoxy impregnating compound.

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CLR1296/CLH6040 is an aluminium filled, machinable, high operating temperature casting system.

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