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NM-Carbomer2020 is a cross-linked polyacrylic acid copolymer processed in cosolvent system of ethyl acetate and cyclohexane. It has long viscous flow property, imparts excellent thickening and suspending capability especially in surfactant systems and forms sparkling clarity gels. NM-Carbomer2020 has the ability to wet quickly but hydrate slowly, uncoiling at a relatively lower rate. This feature makes it easy to disperse and provides easily made dispersions in water less susceptible to lumping and easier to pump and handle in process due to its low dispersion viscosity before neutralization.

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NORVIC EP123OCM is a medium molecular weight homopolymer paste PVC resin. At medium plasticizer levels, pastes made with this resin will exhibit low viscosity, pseudo plastic flow at low shear rates and slight dilatancy at high shear rates.

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Ortho Toluidine

Toluidines are used in the production of dyes. They are a component of accelerators for cyanoacrylate glues. They are toxic and are suspected human carcinogens. o-Tolidine, used as a presumptive test for blood in forensic science, is two o-toluidine molecules linked together.

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PLEXTOL SBV 425 is an aqueous colloidal dispersion of a self-cross linking copolymer of butadiene and styrene. PLEXTOL SBV 425 contains a very low amount of an anionic emulsifier and is stabilized with an antioxidant. PLEXTOL SBV 425 is protected against bacterial attack during storage. PLEXTOL SBV 425 is supplied in road tankers or in non-returnable plastic drums secured by a lid with a clamping ring or in non-returnable palletized bulk containers.

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PLEXTOL T 70S10 is an aqueous solution based on acrylate copolymer. It is used as thickening agent in aqueous compounds and dispersions. PLEXTOL T 70S10 contains a preservative to counter microbial contamination during transport.

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PLEXTOL T 74K30 is an aqueous dispersion of a acrylic ester-styrene copolymer. PLEXTOL T 74K30 also can be used for the one coat process. PLEXTOL T 74K30 has good storage characteristics and also good mechanical and chemical stability. It contains a preservative to counter microbial attack during transportation.

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Palatinol 810TM

Palatinol 810TM is a linear octyl decyl trimellitate. It acts as a plasticizer. When compared to TOTM and TINTM, formulations made with Palatinol 810TM exhibit superior low temperature flexibility and resistance to oxidative degradation at high temperatures. This trimellitate offers a unique combination of easy processability, a high degree of permanence and good compatibility. Palatinol 810TM is compatible with polyvinyl chloride resins and copolymers. Palatinol 810TM suitable for use in wire and cable insulation, refrigerator gasketing, where lacquer mar resistance is a factor, and very low fog automotive components.

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