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Marlex HHM TR-131

Marlex HHM TR-131 medium density polyethylene is an ethylene-hexene copolymer provides excellent overall balance of toughness,good impact strength and tear properties.Marlex HHM TR-131 is ideal for fabricating to shopping bags, trash bags.

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Maxinol BDP 154PG

Maxinol BDP 154 PG is low molecular weight green polymer manufactured by using synthetic and naturally available raw materials. It is principally designed as additive for laundry and dish wash detergents. Maxinol BDP 154 PG offers all the features of synthetic low molecular weight polymers such as scale inhibition for calcium and magnesium salts.

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Micropel DC4 DIDP

Micropel DC4 DIDP is used to treat PVC, polyurethane, and rubber compounds.It is used to treat PVC, polyurethanes, and rubber compounds to prevent the growth of fungal, bacterial and algal organisms on the finished article.

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Micropel® 5 DIDP

Micropel 5 DIDP is used to treat PVC,polyurethanes, and rubber compounds.

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Monoethyl Maleate

Monoethyl maleate is used to provide carboxylic acid functionality in emulsions and water soluble polymers.

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NORVIC® SP 700RA is used for extrusion and calendering of rigid sheets and films; Extrusion of rigid profiles (where transparency and gloss are important; Blow moulding of bottles and containers; Injection moulding of fittings.

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Neoflon ETFE Film

NEOFLON ETFE Film is smooth and high-performing non-stretch film, which is formed by melt extrusion with NEOFLON ETFE material. NEOFLON ETFE Film has a molecular structure in which tetrafluoroethylene and ethylene are alternately positioned, and outstanding mechanical characteristics (good hardness and strength), heat and chemical resistance, and nonadhesion. It also possesses fabricating characteristics including heat seal, thermoforming, welding and heat bonding as well as adhesion (surface treatment items).

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Polyether Sulfone

Polyethersulfone describes a family of thermoplastic polymers that are known for their toughness and stability at high temperatures. They contain the subunit aryl-SO2-aryl, the defining feature of which is the sulfone group.

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Polyquaternium-11 is copolymer of VP/DMAEMA (vinyl pyrrolidone and dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate). As a copolymer of VP and an acrylate, it is less susceptible to humidity than VP homopolymer. However, it may have more potential for failure due to humidity than polyquaternium-4. Polyquaternium-11 is generally recommended for mousses and creams, where it can moisturize as well as aid in styling. This polymer is water miscible, but not water soluble.

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