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ULTRA-PLAST TP 03 is a processing aid for plastics which is used to improve the general compound processing without significantly affecting physical properties. ULTRA-PLAST TP 03 acts as an efficient blending and dispersing agent for powdered materials and can provide more uniform filler incorporation.

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ULTRA-PLAST TP 04 is a low melting zinc soap very similar in its basic structure to zinc stearate. Advantages of a pelletised product over powder are mechanical handling and blending, as well as reduced exposure for improved industrial hygiene. ULTRA-PLAST™ TP 04 can be used in all non-clear products to replace zinc stearate, such as polystyrene, concentrates, thermosets and some of the olefins.

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ULTRA-PLAST TP 05 is predominantly used as a slip agent in PE-films. It shows the same uniform surface coating in injection moulded articles, thus leading to improved mould release and surface finish. This is valuable in processing of thermoplastics resins and elastomers (TPE’s) and thermoset rubber systems. It also functions as a dispersant in concentrates which leads to easier let-down of the concentrates. It is also sanctioned for use by the Food and Drug Administration in a number of applications.

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ULTRA-PLAST TP 06 is predominantly used as a slip agent in films. This effect is due to migration and forming a microscopic coating on the film surface. Erucamides migrate slower but have better heat stability. Where this is not an issue, Oleamides ( ULTRA-PLAST TP05) are less costly to use.

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ULTRA-PLAST TP 07 is a fully saturated amide, which works effectively as an internal/external lubricant in most plastics and also in some elastomer systems.

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ULTRA-PLAST TP 08 is predominantly used as a slip agent in PE films. This effect is due to migration and forming a microscopic coating on the film surface. ULTRA-PLAST TP 08 is a synergistic blend of a primary amide and a highly heat stabile fatty acid derivative. Thus, the heat stability is higher but it still shows good migration effects.

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ULTRA-PLAST TP 09 works effectively as an anti-blocking agent in polyethylene/polypropylene films. It improves the film clarity and shows synergistic effects with inorganic anti-block agents.

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Ultraplast WF102

lUltraplast WF102 is used as lubricant and dispersant for WPCs. It can be used in PE,PP and PVC.

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Ultraplast WF103

Ultraplast WF103 is a metal free fatty acid derivative. It can be used in PS and ABS systems.

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Ultraplast WF104

Ultraplast WF104 contains a special amide which works as a coupling agent. Not suitable in combination with coupling agents.

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