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50% TMQ Dispersion

50% TMQ Dispersion is an antioxidant for use in polymer latices.It is used in the manufacture of carpet-underlay and other high temperature foam applications.

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ADK STAB AC-series

ADK STAB AC-series is the barium/zinc complex type stabilizers for dispersion PVC for floorings.

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ADK STAB FL-series

ADK STAB FL-series is the barium/zinc complex type stabilizers for PVC foam.

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ADK STAB NA-series

ADK STAB NA-series is used as nucleating/Clarifying agent for polypropylene.

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ADK STAB OF-series

ADK STAB OF-series barium/zinc complex type stabilizers for PVC foam.

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AMBERLAC 1074-V-60

AMBERLAC 1074-V-60 is a vinyl toluene/vegetable oil copolymer which cures by oxidation at ambient and elevated temperatures in the presence of metallic driers. It offers fast dry, high gloss, excellent spray properties and more.

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AROFLINT 252-Z1-60

AROFLINT 252-Z1-60 is a high-solids, vinyl toluene copolymer soya alkyd resin supplied at 80% non-volatile in xylene. It offers high gloss and good color retention.

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Advanced-PP 1100 N

Advanced-PP 1100 N is a medium flow propylene homopolymer for general injection molding applications. Advanced-PP 1100 N is mainly used for Closures, Furniture, Housewares, General injection molding.

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Allyl Methacrylate

Allyl Methacrylate is used as a functional co-monomer for rigid plastics and as a base material for the manufacturing silane products. It is used as a crosslinking agent between the molecular chains of polymers.

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Benzyl Ethyl Ether

Ethylbenzyl ether is a colourless oily liquid with a powerful, fruity, rather sharp aroma.It is a combustible liquid used in organic synthesis and as a flavoring.

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