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Methylhydroquinone is used as a stabilizer for unsaturated polyesters and as an antioxidant for fatty esters, linseed oil, and other nonfood fats and oils. It is used as a stabilizer to inhibit peroxide formation in ethers, chlorinated hydrocarbons and ethyl cellulose. It is also used as an intermediate to manufacture other stabilizers, dyes, pharmaceuticals and plasticizers.

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Micropel DC12 DIDP

Micropel DC12 DIDP provides broad spectrum fungal protection in polymeric materials. Micropel DC12 DIDP is used to treat PVC, polyurethane, and rubber compounds to prevent the growth of fungal organisms on the finished article.

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Mono-Butyl Maleate

Mono butyl Maleate, is an ester of maleic acid, which is used as a counterion in the pharmaceutical industry.

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N-Vinylpyrrolidone is commonly used as a reactive diluent in ultraviolet and electron-beam curable polymers applied as inks, coatings or adhesives.It is the precursor to polyvinylpyrrolidone.

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Neoflon PCTFE Film

NEOFLON PCTFE film is a plastic film which excels in terms of water vapor barrier property, transparency, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation property. It possesses optimal moisture prevention properties in all kinds of plastics. It also excels in transparency, realizing a value of less than 1% Haze. It has superior chemical resistance as well, ensuring a solution of acid, alkali and organic for a long time.

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PBT GF FR Compound

PBT GF FR Compound is provided with high mechanical strength and thermal stability. These polymers exhibit improved toughness properties and are highly flame resistant. These materials can be available in any color customer requires.

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Poly(Oxymethylene) is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts.It was discovered by Hermann Staudinger.It is a poly(alkylene oxide) macromolecule, composed of repeating methyleneoxy units.It is a semi-crystalline polymer.It is used for manufacturing various structures in automobiles, agricultural machinery, instruments, daily products and building materials, manufacturing medical devices, instrumentation or components.

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