Plating intermediates improves electronic potential differences in electroplating


Sodium Propyne Sulfonate

Sodium Propyne Sulfonate is used as a class I brightener and nickel plating intermediate.

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Sodium 2-Ethylhexyl Sulfate

Sodium 2-Ethylhexyl Sulfate is used as wetting agent in electroplating,used as mercerizing agent in textile industry,intermediates for Nickel electroplating,suitable for air agitation.

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Benzylpyridinium Carboxylate

Benzylpyridinium Carboxylate is used as a class I brightner for alkaline / cyanide zinc brightner.

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Sodium Formaldehyde Bisulfite

Sodium formaldehyde bisulfite is mainly used in photography industry, electroplating intermediates & pharma industry. Sodium Formaldehyde Bisulfite can effectively complex iso-metal ion such as Cu, Zn, Pb, co-deposition with nickel ion.

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1,4-Bis(2-hydroxyethoxy)-2-butyne is used as brightener and long leveling agent in nickel electroplating baths.

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hypophosphorous acid Purified 50%

Hypophosphorous acid is a phosphorus oxoacid and a powerful reducing agent. It is used in the formulation of pharmaceuticals, discoloration of polymers, water treatment, retrieval of precious or non-ferrous metals. Its main use is for electroless plating; i.e. deposition of select metal films from solution on a sensitized surface.

Hypophosphorous Acid Resin Grade is used to reduce colour of Alkyd and Polyester resin.

Carboxyethyl Isothiuronium Betaine

Carboxyethyl Isothiuronium Betaine is used as a class I brightener and nickel plating intermediate.

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Pyridinium Hydroxy Propyl Sulfobetaine

Pyridinium hydroxy propyl sulfobetaine is used as strong leveling agent for nickel plating.

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Hydroxy Sulfo Propyl Pyridinium Betaine

Hydroxy Sulfo Propyl Pyridinium Betaine is used as a class I brightner for nickel brightner.

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