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AROPOL M 105 TB is a thixotropic, pre-accelerated, ortophthalic based polyester resin, with a moderate geltime. When applying the resin, styrene emission is reduced by up to 50% compared to standard resins. The resin is suitable for spray-up, hand lay-up and filament winding methods for manufacturing numerous FRP products for the marine, building and construction and transportation markets.

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AROPOL 7241 T-15

AROPOL 7241 T-15 resin is a thixotropic, promoted, corrosion resistant isophthalic polyester resin. The resin has excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and high heat deflection temperature. It can be used for hand lay-up and spray-up applications such as fabrication of fume hoods and ducts, tanks, pipe, storage tank repairs and linings in applications where corrosion resistance and FDA food application resins are required.

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#77 Polyester Molding Resin

#77 Polyester Molding Resin is ideal for general purpose part fabrication and for building low cost molds. It features an internal thickening agent which results in a high thixotropic index. This prevents drainage when applied to vertical surfaces, yet this polyester resin retains the low viscosity required for rapid wet out. As a first quality resin, the color, consistency, and properties of this resin will not vary from batch to batch. It is easy to work with and since it is wax free, customers don't have to sand between coats.

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hypophosphorous acid Purified 50%

Hypophosphorous acid is a phosphorus oxoacid and a powerful reducing agent. It is used in the formulation of pharmaceuticals, discoloration of polymers, water treatment, retrieval of precious or non-ferrous metals. Its main use is for electroless plating; i.e. deposition of select metal films from solution on a sensitized surface.

Hypophosphorous Acid Resin Grade is used to reduce colour of Alkyd and Polyester resin.


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