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Sodium Perborate

Sodium perborate serves as a source of active oxygen in many detergents, laundry detergents, cleaning products, and laundry bleaches. It is also present in some tooth bleaching formulas. It is used as a bleaching agent for internal bleaching of a non vital root treated tooth.It has antiseptic properties and can act as a disinfectant. It is also used as a "disappearing" preservative in some brands of eye drops.

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Sodium Propanoate

Sodium propanoate is the sodium salt of propionic acid. It is used as a food preservative. It is used primarily as a mold inhibitor in bakery products.

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Sodium Sorbate

Sodium sorbate is the sodium salt of sorbic acid. It is used as a preservative to inhibit the growth of moulds, yeasts and fungi in the food industry.

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Sodium Sulfide

Sodium sulfide is primarily used in pulp and paper industry. It is used in water treatment as an oxygen scavenger agent, in the photographic industry to protect developer solutions from oxidation, in textile industry as a bleaching, as a desulfurising and as a dechlorinating agent and in leather trade for the sulfitisation of tanning extracts. It is used in chemical manufacturing as a sulfonation and sulfomethylation agent. It is used in the production of rubber chemicals, sulfur dyes and other chemical compounds. It is used in other applications including ore flotation, oil recovery, food preservative, making dyes, and detergent.

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Sodium Tripolyphosphate Food Grade

Sodium Tripolyphosphate Abbreviation: STPP Formula: Na5P3O10 Purity: 95% min CAS No.:?7758-29-4 1.Appearance and properties: White powder granular and deliquescent,easily soluble in water 2.Usage: This phosphate sequesters multi-valentions, thereby inhibiting oxidative rancidity; reduce Moisture loss during thawing and cooking; emulsify of fat and protein. 3.Specifications: Na5P3O10: 95.0%Min P2O5: 57.0%Min Fluoride(F): 30ppm Max Arsenic(As): 3ppm Max Heavy Metal(Pb): 10ppm Max Chloride(CI): 0.025%Max Sulfate(SO4): 0.4% Max Water insoluble: 0.05% Max PH: 9.5-10.0 Whiteness: 85% Min Phase I: 10-60% 4.Packing:in 25kgs woven or kraft paper.

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Sorbic Acid

Sorbic acid is a is a natural organic compound.It is a white crystalline powder which is an unsaturated fatty acid.It is used as preservatives in wide range of food products as well as in their packaging materials.It is used as an additive in rubber industry to improve milling characteristics,auxiliary material in pharmaceuticals.Sorbic acid is an effective inhibitor of the growth of most moulds, yeasts and many bacteria. It is widely employed in beverage, dairy and other food applications to prevent microbiological growth and extend the normal shelf life of the product.

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Sorbic Acid FOOD GRADE

Sorbic acid and its mineral salts, such as sodium sorbate, potassium sorbate and calcium sorbate, are antimicrobial agents often used as preservatives in food and drinks to prevent the growth of mold, yeast and fungi. In general the salts are preferred over the acid form because they are more soluble in water. 
The optimal pH for the antimicrobial activity is below pH 6.5 and sorbates are generally used at concentrations of 0.025% to 0.10%. Adding sorbate salts to food will however raise the pH of the food slightly so the pH may need to be adjusted to assure safety. 
It is used for food, cosmetic, medical health product and anti-mortify for tobacco. As Unsaturated acid, it also used as resin, aromatics and rubber industry.

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Sucrose is the organic compound. It is a disaccharide derived from glucose and fructose. It is a natural and economical sweetener. It is used as a preservative, flavor enhancer for foods, also used in plastics and cellulose industry, in rigid polyurethane foams, manufacturer of ink and of transparent soaps, used as starting material in the fermentative production of ethanol , butanol, glycerol, citric and levulinic acids.

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Sulfites are compounds that contain the sulfite ion SO32-.Sulfite ion is the conjugate base of bisulfite.It occur naturally in all wines.Sulfites are commonly introduced to arrest fermentation at a desired time, and may also be added to wine as preservatives to prevent spoilage and oxidation at several stages of the winemaking.It is also used as preservatives in dried fruits, preserved radish, and dried potato products.Sulfite content in the blood and urine of babies can be caused by molybdenum cofactor deficiency disease which leads to neurological damage and early death.

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Sulfur Dioxide

Sulfur dioxide is produced by volcanoes and in various industrial processes. Since coal and petroleum often contain sulfur compounds, their combustion generates sulfur dioxide unless the sulfur compounds are removed before burning the fuel. Sulfur dioxide is an intermediate in the production of sulfuric acid. It used as a preservative for dried apricots and other dried fruits owing to its antimicrobial properties. As a preservative, it maintains the appearance of the fruit and prevents rotting. Sulfur dioxide is also a good reductant. In the presence of water, sulfur dioxide is able to decolorize substances. Specifically it is a useful reducing bleach for papers and delicate materials such as clothes. Sulfur dioxide is a versatile inert solvent that has been widely used for dissolving highly oxidizing salts. It is also used occasionally as a source of the sulfonyl group in organic synthesis.

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