Pretreatment Chemicals applied onto textile fabrics removes impurities



Kemclean-k-10 is specially formulated for the removal of oil, grease, dirt and other foreign contaminents from the surface of the ferrous metals. This product is generally used to remove not only mineral oils and grease but also Lanoline, Palm oil etc. by hot dip application.

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Kemclean-K-11 is used to remove light duty oil and grease.

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Kemclean-K-12 is an degreasing pretreatment chemicals.

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Kemclean-16 is mild Alakaline specially formulated non-attaching type cleaner of aluminum and its alloys.

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Kemlyte - 333

Kemlyte-333 is a specially formulated chemical to eliminate contaminants from the pretreatment metal surfaces and also applied to hexavalent chromium coating in order to avoid attachment of oxides, chlorides etc., present in the air.

Kemphos - 821

Kemphos - 821 is a heavy zinc phosphate compound, which produces excellent Zinc/Iron phosphate coating on Iron and steel supplementary finishes. This product needs accelerator addition in the bath periodically. The conversion coating produced with Kemphos-821, when used in conjunction with suitable lubricant, reduce friction under low medium and high forming on steel, cold shaping drawing of wire and tubes etc. Lubricants and drawing compounds become firmly anchored to the phosphate coating for improved drawing.

Kemphos 330-C

Kemphos-330(c) is an accelerated cold Immersion phosphating process, which produces light to medium weight phosphate coating on iron and steel surfaces. The coating produced by Kemphos-330(c) serves as an excellent base for paint and coating formed after surface condition with our (Activator-Kemphos-338), is of fine crystalline structure and gives good gloss to the paint.


Novaquest-DMS is highly recommended for use in the scouring bath during pre-treatment. It facilitates the removal of heavy metal ions.

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Orgastab P-77

Orgastab P-77 is a non-silicate stabilizer used for hydrogen peroxide bleaching of cotton and cotton blended fabrics. It is suitable for both exhaustion and continous bleaching processes.

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Polyclean-VSA is used as an stain remover.

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