Pretreatment Chemicals applied onto textile fabrics removes impurities


Thorquest NPA

Thorquest NPA is a sequestering agent with dispersing properties for the dyeing of all fibres with dyestuffs sensitive to alkaline earth metals, and for the desizing and de-oiling of synthetics and their blends with cellulosics.

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Turbopol ABS2

Turbopol ABS2 is an anti back staining agent for denim processing.

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Beatafoam KCHS

Beatafoam KCHS is a non – silicone defoamer active over entire pH and temperature range.

Enkamole Merlf

Enkamole Merlf is a non cresylic mercerizing wetting agent with low foam properties.

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Kemstrip - 216

Kemstrip-216 is a cold paint stripper in paste from for the removal of stoved and air dried paint coatings. Kemstrip-216 is mainly used when the components are too big or which cannot be dipped in the processing tank. Generally this type of stripper is used for repairing work on machinery and those equipments which cannot be removed from their location.

Kyolox JR Conc

Kyolox JR Conc is concentrated low foam scouring and washing agent for cotton and blends, giving re-wetting properties.

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Lixatraon HPLF

Lixatraon HPLF is a High performance very low foaming strong wetting agent with scouring and detergency action specially suited for high turbulence machine.

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LyzerBleach PB

LyzerBleach PB is a Non Silicate based peroxy - stabilizer useful in processing of cotton, especially knitted goods & towels. It stabilizes Hydrogen Peroxide, even under strong alkaline condition such that it allows scouring & peroxide bleach in one bath. It does not impart harshness to the fabric & gives fullness along with full absorbency to the cloth, the quality that is required for towels & knitted goods.

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Novaquest-6010 is highly recommended for use in the processing of cotton, polyester and their blends.

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Orgaquest A 41

Orgaquest A 41 is a efficient chelating agent for alkaline earth- and heavy metal-ions. Built chelates are stable up to boiling temperature and even in strong alkaline media. It is suitable for dyeing.

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