Pretreatment Chemicals applied onto textile fabrics removes impurities


Lixazyme D. Conc

Lixazyme D. Conc is a Enzymatic desizing agent effective on “starch” based products.

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OSA DESIZE–HTS is an alpha amylase preparation that efficiently breaks down strarch and is applied in the desizing of textiles. It is applied in the pre-treatment stage to remove the size from the fabric thus making the fabric more absorbent and efficient for further wet processing. It is a clear, dark brown aqueous liquid with a density of approx. 1.2 gm/ml.

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RUCOLASE CML 200 is used for enzymatic desizing with optimum efficiency above 80 °C. It is having distinct wetting, cleaning and emulsifying capacity.

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RUCOWET FIN CONC is a universal, highly effective wetting agent for textile finishing. RUCOWET FIN CONC is resistant to hard water and electrolytes, reduces the tendency of migration with finishing agents, especially in resin finishing. It is also suitable for acid finishing liquors, accelerates the penetration of finishing liquors.

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SYNKROLUBE - PDR is powder Anti creasing agent for Pre-treatment.

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Beatafoam KS / NS

Beatafoam KS / NS is a non – silicone antifoaming compound.

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Dispersant DMA 45

Dispersant DMA 45 is a specially developed polymer which improves the quality and reproducibility of textile wet process. It is an efficient dispersant, can be used as sequestring agent and washing agent after reactive dyeings.

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Lixaperox LPL/HPL

Lixaperox LPL/HPL is used as an enzymatic peroxide scavanger.

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SYNKROSPERSE - MSD is dispersant and extracting agent for Pre-treatment process.

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Lixazyme HT 50L/100L

Lixazyme HT 50L/100L is used as High temperature enzymatic desizing agent speacially for continuous application for starch based sizes.

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