Pretreatment Chemicals applied onto textile fabrics removes impurities


Klinol HP

Klinol HP can be successfully employed in all washing processes where there is strong liquor turbulence. As it is a high concentration product significantly less of the product can be used compared to most conventional, single strength detergents. This can result in cost savings and reduction in product and drum handling.

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Lixakil O

Lixakil O is a versatile residual peroxide killer.

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MARVEL RD is a low–foaming high performance detergent, designed for the preparation of cotton, synthetic, and blended fabrics particularly in high-turbulence equipment such as winch, soft-flow, jet and package dyeing machines as well as in continuous processing systems.It has excellent emulsifying and soil-suspending Properties with sustained low-foam character throughout heating, cooling and rinsing cycles.It possesses very high detergent action which ensures rapid removal of synthetic sizing agents and spinning oils from polyester and polyamide based fabrics. It is stable to hard water, acids and oxidizing agents, and in caustic alkali up to caustic soda concentrations of 50 g/l.

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Wash 1055

Wash 1055 is a single bath low foaming scouring agent for Terry Towels.

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Wash TFLI is an effective synthetic size remover and scouring agent stable to high temperature for Polyester and other synthetic fibres.

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Chellar EL

Chellar EL is an effective chelating agent for textile processing.

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ECOWET DAP is a low foaming, highly concentrated APEO free universal pretreatment product for pretreatment of Knits / Towels in soft flow machine. It exhibits excellent wetting / rewetting, scouring & emulsifying property and it is stable to acids & alkalis and oxidation. It is a colourless liquid with a combination of ethoxylates.

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Kemklin-103 is specially formulated to remove light to medium rust and scales from ferrous and non-ferrous metals effectively by the spray process. Kemklin-103 is purely based on phosphoric acid enriched with various types of solvents/surfactants/inhibitors and wetting agents etc.


Polycol-WS is an pretreatment chemical used in textile industry.

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Polywet-5X is an pretreatment chemical used as wetting agent.

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