Pretreatment Chemicals applied onto textile fabrics removes impurities



Kemphos-532 is specially formulated to produce Iron manganese, Phosphating coating on Iron and steel surfaces. This process is used for a wide variety of Industries and application in the treatment of precision components, like gears, pistons and rings. Cylinder, Liners, bearing surfaces, military vehicles, aeroplanes, connecting rods and host of the other industrial products find its immense use of ferrous materials they are fabricated.

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Kemphos-822 is a heavy zinc phosphate compound which produces excellent zinc/iron phosphate coating on Iron and steel supplementary finishes. This product does not accelerator addition in the bath periodically.


Kemphos-825 is a warm self accelerated process, which produces an extremely fine crystalline heavy zinc phosphating coating on iron and steel to facilitate cold forming of the specially meant to smooth wire drawing and tube drawing. The coating obtained is adherent and has an excellent wear resistance and lubricant absorption.

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Lumipon WSR

Lumipon WSR is a Bio-degradable Wool scouring agent.

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Nawalex DSD

Nawalex DSD is a silicone based defoamer having application at different stages of processing.

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POLYCOL-S2O is an pretreatment chemical used in textile industry.

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Polycol-DCH is used as an sequesting agent in textile industry.

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RINOWET PCI is an ideal combination of anionic and ionic products, with-out exhibiting their disadvantages. It has excellent detergency, high wetting and dispersing power, with effective carrying capacity for soil and fats. Backed by its high compatibility, Prophox finds wide application in preparatory wet processing of cellulosic’s and synthetic fibers.

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RUCOGEN DFL is used for all fibre types, stain remover for wet spot cleaning.

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RUCOGEN ESC is used for all fibre types, especially for elastane-containing material. It prevents excess fuming in subsequent thermal treatments.

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