Pretreatment Chemicals applied onto textile fabrics removes impurities


Lixazyme D. Conc

Lixazyme D. Conc is a Enzymatic desizing agent effective on “starch” based products.

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Lixazyme HT 50L/100L

Lixazyme HT 50L/100L is used as High temperature enzymatic desizing agent speacially for continuous application for starch based sizes.

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Lumipon WSR

Lumipon WSR is a Bio-degradable Wool scouring agent.

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LyzerBleach PB

LyzerBleach PB is a Non Silicate based peroxy - stabilizer useful in processing of cotton, especially knitted goods & towels. It stabilizes Hydrogen Peroxide, even under strong alkaline condition such that it allows scouring & peroxide bleach in one bath. It does not impart harshness to the fabric & gives fullness along with full absorbency to the cloth, the quality that is required for towels & knitted goods.

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LyzerSpin SR

LyzerSpin SR is an excellent stain remover that can be used in jet dyeing operation for simultaneous dyeing & stain removal. It also prevents rope marks, acts as a defoamer & leveling agent during dyeing. At the end of dyeing operation it acts as a reduction clearing agent. LyzerSpin SR can also be used as effective stain remover either in scouring or peroxide or souring bath. It can also be applied by spotting & padding techniques.

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MARVEL RD is a low–foaming high performance detergent, designed for the preparation of cotton, synthetic, and blended fabrics particularly in high-turbulence equipment such as winch, soft-flow, jet and package dyeing machines as well as in continuous processing systems.It has excellent emulsifying and soil-suspending Properties with sustained low-foam character throughout heating, cooling and rinsing cycles.It possesses very high detergent action which ensures rapid removal of synthetic sizing agents and spinning oils from polyester and polyamide based fabrics. It is stable to hard water, acids and oxidizing agents, and in caustic alkali up to caustic soda concentrations of 50 g/l.

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Multi Purpose Neutral Enzyme HPS <90%

Description:       Multi Purpose Neutral Enzyme

Advantages:       High De pilling & Excellent Bio-polishing

                               Very Low Back Staining 

                               Applicable in wide PH & Temperature Range 

                               Can be diluted further


Application:       Knit Fabrics, Denim Garments, Woven Garments & Fabrics, Terry Towel

Parameters:       Dosage : 0.1 – 0.5%

                               PH          : 5-7

                              Temp.   : 35 – 55° C

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Nawalex DSD

Nawalex DSD is a silicone based defoamer having application at different stages of processing.

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Novaquest-6010 is highly recommended for use in the processing of cotton, polyester and their blends.

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Novaquest-DMS is highly recommended for use in the scouring bath during pre-treatment. It facilitates the removal of heavy metal ions.

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