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Akrofax 173

Akrofax 173 is a sulfur-vulcanized vegetable oil. It may be used as an extender, processing aid and softner in a variety of rubber applications. It is especially useful in tubing and calendared products for dimensional stability.

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Akrofax LD3

Akrofax LD 3 is a very soft, sulfur-cured brown vulcanized vegetable oil. It may be used as an extender, processing aid and softener in colored rubber products. It is especially useful in tubing, sponge and low durometer stocks, as well as calendared products for dimensional stability.

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Akrowax PE-100

Akrowax PE-100 is a low molecular weight polyethylene used as a process aid in natural and synthetic rubbers.

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Aktiplast, when used as a peptizer, should be added at the beginning of the mixing cycle. As activator or processing promoter Aktiplast should be incorporated together with the fillers. Aktiplast is effective in natural and isoprene rubber at a mill temperature as low as 60 °C. Being rubber soluble, a homogeneous breakdown is achieved without the risk of blooming. Aktiplast prolongs the scorch time and serves as a dispersing agent for all fillers. Aktiplast shortens the mixing time and improves the flow character- istics of the uncured compound. Aktiplast has no adverse effects on rubber-to- metal bonding. Aktiplast improves the storage stability, which is of particular advantage in direct vulcanization.

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Dispergum PT

Dispergum PT is a processing aid used in various elastomers as a lubricant and to reduce compound viscosity. It is a processing aid for a variety of elastomers used in tires, conveyer belts, and engine mounts.

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Dispergum R

Dispergum R is a processing aid which acts as lubricant and shows a reducing effect on viscosity. It facilitates mixing and processing, saves energy by cooler mixing process and lower viscosities and improves the dispersion of filler and other ingredients.

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Nimul 320

Nimul 320 is a weeting agent used in Coagulant tank for wetting purpose


REOGEN E is an all-purpose liquid plasticizer and processing aid for all elastomers. It is a improved Mooney, no reversion, versatile, improved flow little or no effect on physical properties. It is based on a mixture of high molecular weight sulfonic acid and low viscosity mineral oil.

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Sulfur Dichloride Technical <99%

We are the manufacturer, trader, exporter and supplier of Sulphur Dichloride (SDCL) and Sulphur Monochloride (SMCL).

Company manufactures above chemicals based on Chlorine & Sulphur. These Chemicals are hazardous chemical, so adequate care is taken in maintaining total environmental safety control while manufacturing the same.

Contract / Custom Manufacturing:
As a group of companies , we are always looking forward to contract manufacturing of those chemicals which are based on Sulphur Mono chloride and Sulphur Di Chloride.

Interested Indian and International manufacturers based on above products namely SMCL and SDCL  which are required as intermediates for:
 * Pesticides,
 * Rubber Chemicals,
 * Lube Oil Additives,
 * Pharmaceutical intermediates,
 * Dyes & Dyes Intermediates, etc.
 as well as companies looking for the third party custom manufacturing of   SMCL and SDCL are encouraged to contact us at our corporate office at Mumbai, INDIA .


ULTRA-LUBE 250 is a general purpose processing additive for most polymers include polyolefine. It improves overall processing properties like flow, dispersion, surface appearance.

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