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Reowet 5X

Reowet 5X is anionic,soluble in water and polar solvent and is used as penetrating & wetting agent in pulp and paper industry.

SRI 12018

SRI 12018 is a biocide used in paper processing. Growth of microorganisms in paper manufacturing processes causes major technical, economical and hygienic problems, mainly due to slime formation. It is very important to choose the right Biocide for the system as chemical-physical and the composition of the microorganisms vary widely in one process and between processes.

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Surfac 96

Surfac 96 acts as reducing of viscosity of the black liquor in the paper & pulp factories, during the recovery process in the evaporation and subsequent burnt. It reduces the viscosity of the black liquor, permitting an improvement of the black liquor velocity in the tubes, with an increase in the evaporation capacity.

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Tridecanes are generally light, combustible colourless liquids. They are used in the manufacture of paraffin products, in the paper processing industry, in jet fuel research and in the rubber industry. In chemical research, n-tridecane is used as a solvent and distillation chaser.

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VERPAP-DI is a very powerful deinking agent. It helps in removing various inks, (black/coloured) from cellulose fiber without damaging its chain structure. VERPAP-DI can de-ink both imported waste paper as well as local waste paper effectively to make white paper of the desired quality.VERPAP-DI is recommended to add 0.2 to 0.6% on the weight of the pulp in the pulper for loosening the ink and separation from the pulp fibers. VERPAP-DI is added in Hydrapulper or Breaker beater along with other chemicals like caustic soda, sodium Hypo chloride, sodium silicate, Hydrogen peroxide in required concentration. Percentage of above chemicals depending upon the type of waste paper, type of loading ink characteristics etc.

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AMBER AF-1 is an natural liquid non-toxic defoamer used for paper Industry.

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Acrylamide is incompatible with acids, bases, oxidizing agents, iron, and iron salts. It decomposes non-thermally to form ammonia, and thermal decomposition produces carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and oxides of nitrogen. It is prepared on an industrial scale by the hydrolysis of acrylonitrile by nitrile hydratase. Most acrylamide is used to synthesize polyacrylamides, which find many uses as water-soluble thickeners. These include use in wastewater treatment, gel electrophoresis, papermaking, ore processing, and the manufacture of permanent press fabrics. Some acrylamide is used in the manufacture of dyes and the manufacture of other monomers.

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BleachZyme is an enzyme formulation used for bio bleaching of pulp.

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Brighton D

Brighton D has outstanding affinity and highly suitable for fluorescent whitening in the furnish at slightly acid or neutral pH. It is broadly not affected by cat ionic substance. It can readily be used with mechanical pulp or secondary fiber.

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Chemox-DSR is used as dry strength & stiffening agent for agro pulp. It is used to increase the relative bonded area or strength per unit of bonded area between the fibers in a sheet of paper. Properties most likely to be favorably affected include internal bond strength and tensile strength.

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