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Rhinol SDF

Rhinol SDF is an mixture of paraffin based mineral oils and hydrophobic components containing silicone and is used as defoamer for various Industries.


Stereocoll is a well-established range of aqueous, anionic copolymer dispersions that are excellent thickeners for use in coating colors applied to paper and board. It is used to increase the viscosity and water retention of coating colors and to improve their runnability. It is best suited for coated paper and board used in food-packaging applications.


TCC-55-PLH is a fortified, extended liquid size used in the paper industry and is approved for use in food packaging and paperboard.

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VC-Size-SS is anionic styrene-acrylic copolymer dispersion. VC-Size-SS is a surface Sizing agent for Size Press & Film Press to improve print-ability & coating hold out.

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VERDET-MDF is suitable defoamer for paper machine. It can be used to control surface foaming as well as the troublesome problem of entrained air in the stock. VERDET-MDF can control foam in stock preparation, in the paper machine system etc. VERDET-MDF gives more cost effective foam control in paper machine system. It can reduce polymer usage, increase production by allowing greater machine speeds, and reduce steam consumption in the dryers.

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VERDET-PDF can easily diluted in cold or hot water. VERDET- PDF is to used after making emulsion of 3-4% concentration.VERDET-PDF is suitable defoamer for pulp and paper mills which can be used at various stage of pulp and paper making operations. VERDET-PDF can be used for alkaline pulp washing & screening. VERDET-PDF is also useful at the ET (Effluent treatment) plant.

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VERDET-SDF is an effective defoamer for chemical pulp production. It contains ingredients which normally do not contribute to resinous deposits in pulp mill washing operations. VERDET-SDF is an effective defoamer for alkaline pulp washing and screening & bleaching process.

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VERFIX-DFX is a cationic Dye fixing agent which disperses the dyes and retained with good yield. Some pigments which are difficult to wet or disperse in water, can be easily dispersed in presence of VERFIX-DFX. It increases depth of shades so that the back water of acid dyeing will be almost clear. It can be used for fixation of direct and some other acid dyeing on paper.VERFIX-DFX can be improved poor dyeability of bleached pulp. And it does not affect the absorbency of paper so it is suitable for tissue paper and other unsized paper dyeing with acid dyestuff or pigments.

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VERPAP-AZC is an insolubilizer for coating and surface sizing formulation. It is an effective cross linking agent suitable for all types of paper and paperboard applications. VERPAP-AZC is completely formaldehyde free, fast curing and reacts with hydroxyl and carboxyl groups. VERPAP-AZC recommended dosage is 2-7% on total dry binder content. VERPAP-AZC is based on carbonate so PH of coating solution before addition of VERPAP-AZC must be higher than 7. VERPAP-AZC should be always added as the last ingredient in the coating solution, after adjusting the PH of the coating solution to 8-9.

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VERPAP-DWP is an effective floatation deinking agent which helps in removing various inks (Black/ Coloured) from cellulose fiber without damaging its chain structure. VERPAP-DWP is recommended to add 0.05% to 0.10% on Dry paper basis. VERPAP-DWP is added directly into the pulper or pulper chest alongwith other chemicals like caustic soda, sodium hypo chloride, sodium silicate, Hydrogen peroxide in required concentration. Dosage of above chemical upon the type of waste paper type of ink characteristics etc.

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