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VERPAP-FDI is a very powerful deinking agent. It helps removing various inks, (black/coloured) from cellulose fiber without damaging its chain structure. Due to its excellent emulsification power, VERPAP-FDI prevents redeposition of ink on the cellulose fiber. VERPAP-FDI can de-ink both imported waste paper as well as local waste paper effectively to make white paper of the desired quality. VERPAP-FDI is added in Hydrapulper or Breaker beater along with other chemicals like caustic soda, sodium Hypo chloride, sodium silicate, Hydrogen peroxide in required concentration. Percentage of above chemicals depending upon the type of waste paper, type of loading ink characteristics etc.

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WEBSLIP HS is silicone emulsion with intensified slip and anti-static agent.

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ABSTRACT HD is an enhanced collector chemical for flotation deinking.

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Acid Blue 1

Acid blue 1 is mainly used for wool and silk dyeing and printing fabrics and can also be used to prepare carbon paper, black water and the lake. Besides,it can also be used for coloring plastics and bio-coloring.

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Acumer 2100

Acumer 2100 is a copolymer that functions as a scale inhibitor and dispersant by combining strong acid (sulfonate) and weak acid (carboxylate) that provide optimal anti-scale/dispersant efficiency.

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Acumer 4161

Acumer 4161 is a phosphinopolycarboxylic acid scale inhibitor and dispersant that has a unique balance of threshold inhibition and dispersancy, and is resistant to chlorine and compatible with most microbiological control agents.

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BERSET 2720 is a completely formaldehyde free insolubilizer for paper and paperboard coatings. It reacts rapidly upon drying, providing excellent wet rub properties with a variety of binder systems.

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BLACKMIKRON is an aqueous emulsion of microcapsule for the production of carbonless copying papers. It contains no binder or spacer. The core material of each capsule consists of a mixture of black color formers dissolved in a liquid carrier. The average capsule diameter is about 4.5-6.0 micron. Mastersizer of MALVERN analyzed the particle size. BLACKMIKRON may be applied in the concentrated or dilute form, depending upon the coating process.

Corn Starch

Corn starch is the starch derived from corn.It is ground from the white endosperm at the heart of a kernel of corn.It is a cereal starch having low Protein & Ash content.It is used in Pharmaceutical Industry as a dusting media for various type of coating as well as binder & filler for capsules & tables,used in textile industry to provide stiffness & to add weight to cloths,used for thickening sauces, gravies, puddings and pie fillings,for sizing as well as to increase the paper strength.

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Hydralux 91

Hydralux 91 is a high brightness, fine glossing coating clay used in heavy weight coated paper and coated board application. Hydralux 91's fine particle excellent flow properties and size allow for high solids coating and provide excellent glossing properties even.

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