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Kemicoat XL

Kemicoat XL is a specially developed polymer for wet end application in paper to improve tear strength and burst factor. It possesses excellent cross linking property with cellulosic molecules and characteristic binding properties. Kemicoat XL also imparts crush resistance and dimensional stability to the paper.To improve tear strength and burst factor of the paper 1% to 3%. Kemicoat- XL can be incorporated in the pulp base having pH 4.5 to 5.5. Kemicoat XL can be incorporated in coating slurry 2% to 5% on the weight of paper binder or 1% to 2% on the weight of the coating slurry, depending upon the quality of the paper and desired final results.

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Laponite JS

Laponite JS is a synthetic layered fluorosilicate modified with an inorganic polyphosphate dispersing agent.

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Metflok CPF

Metflok CPF is a poly condensation product used as flocculent cum coagulant in drinking water purification, municipal seawage treatment and other effulient treatments of sugar, paper, dyeing industries etc.

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Oxalic Acid

Oxalic acid is a dicarboxylic acid. It's main applications include cleaning or bleaching, especially for the removal of rust. About 25% of produced oxalic acid is used as a mordant in dyeing processes. It is used in bleaches, especially for pulpwood.

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PERFECTAMYL is a 100% pure potato starch derivative with a high degree of visco-stability. It has superb binding power and comes within narrow viscosity specifications. Using PERFECTAMYL will result in optimum runnability at high speed, optimum paper surface properties and less downtime.

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VAPCO-LR-50 is marketed in the form of a white emulsion, which when diluted with water gives fine emulsion with alkalies, hard water and salts. VAPCO-LR-50 is useful as a sizing agent (Internal & Surface) in Paper Industry.VAPCO-LR-50 is wax size for paper and paper boards. It is a complementary size for use alongwith the rosin size and offers maximum sizing.VAPCO-LR-50 is recommended to use alongwith the rosin to achieve the best result economically upto 45% of the rosin size and 35% of fortified rosin can be used.VAPCO-LR-50 should be added to mixing chest or beater. The recommended dosages are 0.4% to 1% on dry paper basis.

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VERSIZE-DRP is a ready mix size for use in papermaking process in neutral/ alkaline pH. VERSIZE-DRP is colloidally stabilized dispersed rosin used for internal sizing of paper and paperboard. VERSIZE-DRP is a ready mix size to be used in papermaking process with minimum consumptioon of Alum/PAC. It is highly stable in storage due to its specific chemical composition and manufacturing technique.It is especially suitable for the sizing of paper and paperboard manufactured from recycled waste paper containing calcium carbonate as filling / loading material. A good distribution of the size is obtained by adding it at a point in the stock flow stream where it is turbulent. VERSIZE-DRP is very effective sizing chemical for paper / paper board produced from waste paper containing calcium carbonate, talc, Titanium dioxide etc. as filler materials. VERSIZE-DRP consumes lesser amount of alum / PAC when compared with acid or neutral (anionic / cationic) sizing thereby reducing corrosion and scaling on sensitive parts of paper machine and its auxiliaries.

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VERVIBD-DSR is excellent dry strength resin for paper Industry. It is most suitable product for short fiber pulp like Bagasse, Straw, Waste paper, Bamboo, hard wood etc. VERVIBD-DSR also improves strength properties like brust factor, stiffness, breaking length, ply bonding, tear factor of Kraft, Duplex board and writing and printing paper, VERBOND-DSR gives better sheet formation and also increases machine run ability. VERVIBD-DSR improves retention of fillers and eliminates press picking problem of paper.VERBOND-DSR can be used in all kinds of writing & printing, duplex board, Kraft paper. It may be used after addition of rosin and best addition point is mixing chest Before addition of VERBOND-DSR should be diluted to 20% solution.

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ABSTRACT ACS is formulator compound designed for better cooking of pulp. It works not only as a catalyst but also provides high degree of wetting and penetration in highly alkali medium and controls the reaction of alkali. It controls the drastic reaction of alkali and hence protect the fiber from deterioration to short of fine fibers.

AKD Emulsion

Alchem Enterprises are indigenous speciality chemicals manufacturing company involved in manufacturing various types of Speciality Chemicals for the Paper Industry like AKD Emulsion.AKD Emulsion is versatile chemical that easily reacts with substances containing hydrogen atoms in their structural make-up to form an adduct which is highly repellent to water. AKD Emulsion is an outstanding size for various forms of cellulosic materials especially paper.

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