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60% Calcium Carbonate Dispersion

60% Calcium Carbonate Dispersion is a grey,odourless liquid used as a filler/extender paper, textile, rubber,coatings and adhesives applications

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A536 Composite Dispersion

A536 Composite Dispersion is a green blue liquid with barely perceptible odour. It is used for dispersion of a proptietary mixture of inorganic compounds.

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ABSTRACT ACS is formulator compound designed for better cooking of pulp. It works not only as a catalyst but also provides high degree of wetting and penetration in highly alkali medium and controls the reaction of alkali. It controls the drastic reaction of alkali and hence protect the fiber from deterioration to short of fine fibers.

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ABSTRACT DEFOAMER breaks existing foam. ABSTRACT DEFOAMER is added to the solution prior to foaming symptoms occurring.

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ABSTRACT Di Hc Liq is an excellent cost effective in the removal of ink and to prevent re deposition of ink to the cellulose fiber.

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ABSTRACT HD is an enhanced collector chemical for flotation deinking.

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ABSTRACT MICRO SOFTENER product works by coating the surface of the fiber with a thin layer of ABSTRACT MICRO SOFTENER has lubricant properties, thus making the fiber feel smoother and gloss. ABSTRACT MICRO SOFTNER is direct going to mix with the pulp, and provides a layer formation for the smoothness.ABSTRACT MICRO SOFTNER to pulp makes clearance in paper layers to make alignment of surface active agent on pulp slippery, which provides softness gentle to the skin.

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ABSTRACT STC 112 used to control and remove stickes from the pulp. ABSTRACT STC 112 improves Machines run ability,maximize stickies removal (Micro Stickies) from the Pulp,reduce and controls the problems due to stickies,removes the Adhesive, Rosin, Coating Binder, Gums, Waxes and Resin from the Pulp,reduce Paper Breaks due to stickies,reduction of stickies deposit on machine, wire, felts, dryer section and calendar stacks.

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ANCHOR COATING AGENT FOR LAMINATION COATING: Primer or anchoring agent for plastic film lamination coating on the paper Mainly, it is useful for disposable paper cup for vending machine. Excellent heat-seal property and antistatic effect. ACA-3 is possible to be applied in several industry fields as follows ; Adhesion industry / Paint industry / Textile industry / Cosmetics industry / etc.

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