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Superbond-FMP is a dry strength resin that increases dry strength properties. It can also be used to boost cationic starch efficiency as well as wet strength efficiency in the sheet. It is widely used to enhance the strength of paper and paperboard in its end use application. They are most often used to supplement the strength of recycled paper or board, since recycling results in loss of paper strength. This anionic resin can be applied to balance wet end system charge. The synthetic dry strength additives are used for improving dry strength properties like tensile, burst, crush or printability.

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Surfac F 2500

Surfac F 2500 decreases the water superficial tension, improve action of adsortion of hydrofobic structure ink paticles, causing the separation of particles from the fiber. It is used for flotation processes.

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Surfac T 1989

Surfac T 1989 decreases the water superficial tension, improve action of adsortion of hydrofobic structure ink paticles, causing the separation of particles from the fiber.

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Synkrocell DI

Synkrocell DI is deinking enzyme for savings in chemicals/reduction in pollution load.

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Synkrolase SL

Synkrolase SL is starch liquefying enzyme for reducing viscosity of starch.

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VERFIN-SF-300 finds application for surface coating. It is also used for water – proofing of paper & board articles. Being Non-ionic and stable to alkali, VERFIN-SF-300 is perfectly compatible with coating mixtures based on case in and / or Synthetic lattices such as Butakens. VERFIN-SF-300 imparts luster and slight water resistance to coatings.VERFIN-SF-300 should be added after addition of pigment along with the coating solution. Dosage depends of quality of paper. Normally the consumption of VERFIN-SF-300 is 5% on pigment (for Duplex Board) and 2% on pigment (for quality coated paper) or depends on the required Gloss, SOA (Surface Oil Absorption) & smoothness of paper. It also increases whiteness & improve printability of paper & board.

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sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid is a strong mineral acid. It has many applications, and is a central substance in the chemical industry. Principal uses include lead-acid batteries for cars and other vehicles, ore processing, fertilizer manufacturing, oil refining, wastewater processing, and chemical synthesis.

AKD Emulsifier

AKD Emulsifier is one kind of cationic polymer used in paper making industry; it can completely replace the traditional cationic starch emulsifier. This emulsifier is cationic high molecular polymer, is the first domestic product. It can replace traditional AKD emulsifier of cationic starch, has the function of AKD emulsified, colloid protection, retention aiding and synergism and so on. AKD emulsion of high stability and filler retention rate can be produced by mechanical stirring and homogenization technique, and reduce the hydrolysis in the process of sizing and store period, the storage period is longer compared with traditional AKD emulsion. It can reduce the time of sizing aging. It can be applied into various paper grades.

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AKD WAX (1840)

AKD WAX (1840) is pale yellow waxy flake solid which is widely used in the paper industry as sizing agent. AKD WAX (1840) is a neutral sizing agent which can directly react to fiber with high content and I2, assay and low acid, and is more efficient sizing agent without organic impregnant like toluene(Benzene) and so on.

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