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Aquacid 1068EX

Aquacid 1068EX is an organophosphorous compound exhibiting excellent sequestration of metal ions at stoichiometric concentration and threshold inhibition of metal salt precipitation at sub-stoichiometric concentrations. Aquacid 1068EX is applied in textile processing during scouring, bleaching etc. Aquacid 1068EX chelates iron and other heavy metals that catalyze bleach decomposition. Aquacid 1068EX is recommended for I&I formulations that require chelation of hardness and heavy metal ions such as vehicle wash, hard surface cleaners. Aquacid 1068EX is an excellent inhibitor of carbonate and sulphate scales of Ca as well as Sr.

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BERBOND® 8740 is a newly developed additive intended to reduce the coating cost. BERBOND® 8740 is effective with all normally used synthetic and natural binders in pigmented or non-pigmented systems.

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BERCHEM® 4000 is a nonionic polyethylene emulsion, primarily designed to impart superior lubricating properties to coating formulations used for paper and paperboard. Applications of BERCHEM® 4000 at the calender stack’s water box prevent sticking and picking. Its wide compatibility with other chemicals makes it adaptable to most formulations where lubricity is required.

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BERCHEM® 4040 is an effective lubricant for calender stack applications, providing excellent anti-picking or anti-sticking properties to paperboard when introduced at the calender stack’s water box. BERCHEM® 4040 also contributes to the sizing of the paperboard.

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BERCHEM® 4185 is a newly developed coating additive specifically designed to promote clean runnability in calender stacks and provides surface coating holdout. It can eliminate or significantly reduce dusting of all clay coating at the supercalender, and is especially effective in roto-gravure formulations which typically contain lower binder levels than offset formulations. In addition, BERCHEM® 4185 provides excellent anti-picking or anti-sticking properties to paperboard when applied at the calender stack's water box.

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BERCHEM® 4333 is recommended for use in pulp and paper mill systems as well as in coating applications. BERCHEM® 4333 will control foaming over an effective pH range of 4 to 10. BERCHEM® 4333 is easily diluted with water for use, but may be used in a concentrated form.

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BERCHEM® 4811 is an effective pigment dispersant based on the chemistry of sodium hexametaphosphate. BERCHEM® 4811 can be used in both calcium carbonate and koalin clay based coating formulations. Several advantages with BERCHEM® 4811 are improved runnability, while significantly lowering the number of scratches, weeping and wiskering at the point of coating application on the paper / paperboard sheet.

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BERCHEM® 4830 is an economical, clear, 30% solids solution of an alkali soluble acrylic type dispersant recommended for high solids pigmented paper coating formulations.

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BERCHEM® 4962 is a general-purpose, glycol based product used to control foam in aqueous systems. BERCHEM® 4962 is highly efficient in both knock-down and prevention of foam in latex containing coating formulations.

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BERCHEM® 4999 is an oil-free product used to control foam in aqueous systems. BERCHEM® 4999 is highly efficient in both foam knock-down and prevention in latex, starch, and protein containing coating formulations.

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