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BERCHEM® 4811 is an effective pigment dispersant based on the chemistry of sodium hexametaphosphate. BERCHEM® 4811 can be used in both calcium carbonate and koalin clay based coating formulations. Several advantages with BERCHEM® 4811 are improved runnability, while significantly lowering the number of scratches, weeping and wiskering at the point of coating application on the paper / paperboard sheet.

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BERCHEM® 4830 is an economical, clear, 30% solids solution of an alkali soluble acrylic type dispersant recommended for high solids pigmented paper coating formulations.

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BERCHEM® 4962 is a general-purpose, glycol based product used to control foam in aqueous systems. BERCHEM® 4962 is highly efficient in both knock-down and prevention of foam in latex containing coating formulations.

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BERCHEM® 4999 is an oil-free product used to control foam in aqueous systems. BERCHEM® 4999 is highly efficient in both foam knock-down and prevention in latex, starch, and protein containing coating formulations.

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BERSIZE® 6030 is an aqueous solution of a styrene based low molecular weight copolymer which can be used in a variety of surface sizing applicatins to provide water resistance and improved printability.


BERSIZE® 6103 is a synthetic size designed exclusively for all types of paper and board surfaces. While BERSIZE® 6103 provides good sizing values, it also lubricates so that starch does not stick or pick. When applied with starch at the size press or wet calender stack, BERSIZE® 6103 imparts water resistance and coating holdout for improved coated surface characteristics at reduced coat weight. BERSIZE® 6103 with its anionic charge makes it compatible with many papermaking surface treatment additives.

Barium Formate

Barium Formate is a chemical compound with flash point 29.9°C . It is used in Textiles, paper and Metallurgical Industries.

Barium Sulfite

Barium sulfite is the barium salt of sulfurous acid. It is formed by the action of sulfur dioxide on barium oxide or barium hydroxide. It is used in paper manufacturing.

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Basperse DR-11

Basperse DR-11 is an anionic penetrating and dispersing agent designed for use as a digester pulping aid.

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Benzoguanamine is used as a cross-linking agent of alkyd and acrylic resin to increase thermoset properties. It is used as a raw material for guanamine resins. It is used as a modifier and flexibilizer of formaldehyde resins. It is used as a intermediate for pharmaceuticals.

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