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PAPERAUX K-8720 is anionic surfactant. It is wetting ande dispersion agent for papers for improving and refining paper formulation for map litho & newsprint Addition in pulper at 0.1- 0.2% on cellulosic pulp.


PAPERAUX K-8743 is wetting & dispersion agent for papers for improving and reining paper formulation for craft paper, newsprint & Map litho, art paper, art card addition to pulper at 0.2% on cellulosic pulp.


PAPERAUX K-8801 is additive to provide improvement in size coating formulation. It imparts sizes with finish & printability, eco-friendly, economic and recommended in all types of paper sizing.


PAPERAUX K-8802 is modified rosin preparation additive to impart improvement in paper coating formulation. PAPERAUX K-8802 imparts sizes with excellent finish & printability, eco friendly and economic.


PAPERAUX K-8900 is wax emulsion for paper coating formulation to improve feel, finish & water repellency.

Paper Chemicals

Paper Chemicals are a group of chemicals that modify the properties of paper. These chemicals can be used to alter the paper in many ways, including changing its color and brightness, or by increasing its strength and resistance to water.

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Phosphoric Acid

We are supplying this phosphoric acid for sugar factories, jaggery manufacturing, food industry, beverage industry, pre-metal treatment chemical, soaps & detergents. Phosphoric acid is the most useful mineral acids and is also commonly called orthophosphoric acid. The chemical formula of phosphoric acid is H3PO.The central phosphorous atom in phosphoric acid is connected to an oxygen atom through a double bond and to three hydroxyl (-OH) groups through single bonds. Buy Phosphoric Acid online from the best supplier and manufacturer of industrial chemicals.

Propylene Imine

Propylene imine is used as an intermediate in the paper, textile, rubber, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Resicot SLC 186

Resicot SLC system is a two component addition cure solventless release coating system, designed for use in the manufacture of release liners for pressure sensitive tapes and labels. The Resicot SLC 186 is suitable for both paper and plastic substrates as it is designed to perform as a fast cure system at medium temperatures.

Sodium Chlorate

Sodium Chlorate is an industrial salt produced from water and common table salt in a reaction with electricity. It is hygroscopic. It decomposes above 300 °C to release oxygen and leave sodium chloride. Sodium Chlorate synthesized by passing chlorine gas through a solution of sodium hydroxide. It is then purified by crystallization. Sodium chlorate is used as a non-selective herbicide. It is considered phytotoxic to all green plant parts. It can also kill through root absorption. Sodium chlorate is largely used by the pulp & paper industry to produce chlorine dioxide, which is used to bleach wood pulp for the manufacture of higher quality and environmentally friendly white paper products.

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